Ukraine: Zaporizhstal gets 0.7 billion UAH of VAT

The state budget has reimbursed 0.71 billion UAH of VAT to Zaporizhstal.

Ukraine: metal makers asking for 50 euro scrap duty

Metallurgprom believes ferrous metals export duty on the level of 50 euro per ton will bring 45 million euro (or over 1 billion UAH) to the state budget.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: pellets, November 2015

Ukraine: Vatutino Refractory Works elects supervisory chairman

The supervisory board of Vatutino Refractory Works (Cherkassy region) has dismissed Guillaume Hubert Delacroix from the office of the chairman from January 1, 2016, and appointed Paul David Vizhnyak instead.

Ukraine: ferrous metals scrap exports to total 1.1 million tons in 2016

The state enterprise Ukrpromvneshexpertiza says ferrous scrap exports in 2016 will reach 1-1.1 million tons, if the quotations are cancelled and duties increase.

Ukraine: DFDK appoints Fridman acting chairman

The supervisory board of the Dokuchaevsk Flux-Dolomite Complex (Donetsk region) has dismissed the temporarily acting chairman of the board Mikhail Khokhotva from the office and appointed Yuri Fridman instead.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal to stop sintering machine #4 in January 2016

Zaporizhstal plans to stop its sintering machine #4 on January 15, 2016 to assemble gas-purifying equipment.

Ukraine: DTEK Pavlogradugol shaft men cross 23 km

Pavlogradskoye Mine Group shaft men have reached their annual target of mining output ahead of time.

Ukraine: DTEK to invest 600 million into Dobropolyeugol

DTEK Dobropolyeugol still has to mine 1.3 million tons to reach its annual target and ends 2015 with 950 million UAH of losses. So far the company has mined 3.4 million tons of 4.7 million tons needed.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: reinforcement steel (alloy steel), November 2015

Ukraine: Donetsk region metal output down in January-November 2015

In January-November Donetsk region decreased industrial products output by 36.1% YoY. In November output fell by 13% YoY and by 12.4% MoM.

Ukraine: metal companies losses up in January-October 2015

In January-October Ukrainian metal companies EBIT reached minus 15.9 billion UAH, up by 11.2% YoY, or 1.6 billion UAH.

Ukraine: scrap procurement to fall in 2016

The state enterprise Ukrpromvneshexpertiza says in 2016 ferrous scrap procurement will fall by 9.76% YoY, or by 0.4 million tons, to 3.7 million tons.

Ukraine: ZTMK increases spongy titanium output

In January-November Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Works produced 7005 tons of spongy titanium, up by 12.2% YoY.

Ukraine: VostGOK to buy sulfur in 2016

The state enterprise Vostochny Mining and Processing Works (Dniepropetrovsk region) has announced a purchase of 26 thousand tons of granulated sulfur and 15 thousand tons of lumps in March-December 2016.

Ukraine: BNY Mellon to cancel agreement with Interpipe

The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (USA) plans to cancel its depository agreement with Interpipe NTZ.