Ukraine: Lvivugol pays 21 million UAH for self-rescuers

Lvivugol has ordered the Promtorg company delivery of filter equipment valued at 29.02 million UAH.

In particular, it will buy 21.19 million UAH worth of self-rescuers (7408 UAH per piece). Lvivugol also ordered other self-rescuers at 5821 UAH per piece and dummy cartridges at 2474 UAH per piece. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Centravis opens a Near East office

Centravis has established an official representative in UAE. “The constantly operating office will help us work with the buyers locally and increase exports from Ukraine”, said the company in its statement. “At present Ukrainian economy needs money from abroad, as well as development and diversification of export markets. And if the European market is gradually…

Ukraine: gas consumption down in January-May 2016

In January-May Ukrainian metal companies consumed 740 million cubic meters of gas, down by 20% YoY.

The average daily gas consumption decreased by 1.5 million cubic meters YoY, to 4.9 million cubic meters.

In May companies consumed 142 million cubic meters of gas, up by 5 million cubic meters MoM. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Norilsk Nickel general partner of the business program at the VI St.-Petersburg International Legal Forum

Norilsk Nickel became a general partner of the business program at the VI St.-Petersburg International Legal Forum held on May 18-20. Each year this large-scale event brings together legal experts, including representatives of state authorities, businesses and scientific community from over 80 countries. A Norilsk Nickel representative, Alexander Zavtrik, director of legal department, moderated a…

Ukraine: NZF output up in January-May 2016

In January-May Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant produced 300.7 thousand tons of ferroalloys, up by 10.9% YoY.

According to the Association of Ukrainian Ferroalloy Producers, silicomanganese output went up by 8% YoY, to 283.5 thousand tons, while that of ferromanganese – 2 times, to 17.2 thousand tons. The works didn’t produce any other ferroalloys. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: NZF, ZZF, MGOK and OGOK left without shareholder meetings

Shareholder meetings of Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, Zaporozhye Ferro Alloys Plant, Marganets Mining and Processing Works and Ordzhonikidze Mining and Processing Works, scheduled for early June, were not held. ZZF meeting was to take place on June 7, while that of NZF – on June 10. The supervisory boards of both companies will name the day…

Ukraine: Makeevugol mine under fire

Makeevugol Butovskaya mine, situated in the Russia-supported terrorist occupied territories has been shelled.

Because of the fire the mine was cut off from air and electricity supply. 3 miners have been evacuated. There were no casualties. The mine resumed operation the same day. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Volyn coal output down in 2016

Volyn mines started yielding less coal. Since the year start they have yielded 92.2 thousand tons of coal, down by 20.7% YoY. In 2015 Ukraine mined 39.75 million tons of coal, down by 38.8% YoY, or by 25.23 million tons, including 8.15 million tons of coking coal (down by 49.8%) and 31.6 million tons of…

Ukraine: Krasnoarmeyskugol in trouble

For the past 10 days Krasnodonugol mines were left without electricity twice.

The first time electricity was cut off on June 3, for almost 24 hours. Then on June 13, despite the agreement to partially clear debts, the mines were left without electricity again. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: ZZhRK output down in January-May 2016

In January-May Zaporozhye Iron Ore Complex mined 1.8 million tons of iron ore, down by 2.7% YoY.

According to the company statement, in May it mined 0.37 million tons of ore. Last year iron ore output dropped by 2% YoY, to 4.4 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)