May 2012

UKRAINE&RUSSIA: STEEL-MAKING PIG IRON UKRAINE&RUSSIA: FOUNDRY PIG IRON UKRAINE&RUSSIA: ROUND BILLETS UKRAINE&RUSSIA: SQUARE BILLETS Month Russian market, $/t, $1/RUR32.1961* Ukrainian market, $/t without VAT, $1/UAH7.9898* min max min max April 664.68 748.54 526.72 689.63 May 664.68 748.54 521.46 645.13 Month Export, Ukraine, $/t, FOB Black sea ports Export, Russia, $/t, FOB Black sea ports min…

Ukrainian steel product imports increase in January to April 2012

In the January to April period of the current year Ukrainian imports of rolled steel products increased by 55.5% YoY to 746,800 tons.
In April alone Ukraine’s rolled steel product imports decreased by 58.7% MoM to 115,200 tons. (SteelOrbis)

APRIL 2012

UKRAINE&RUSSIA: STEEL-MAKING PIG IRON UKRAINE&RUSSIA: FOUNDRY PIG IRON UKRAINE&RUSSIA: ROUND BILLETS Month Ukrainian market, $/t, $1/UAH7.9898* min max March 589.03 789.48 April 589.03 789.48 * – Ukrainian Hrivna and Russian Rouble exchange rates are as of 30.04.12 according to the National Bank of Ukraine and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. (Ukrainian Metal) UKRAINE&RUSSIA:…

ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih crude steel output up 12% in January to Aprril 2012

In January to April 2012 the crude steel production of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, Ukrainian subsidiary of the global steel giant ArcelorMittal, totaled 2.0467 million tons, up by 11.8% YoY.In addition, in the first four months of the year ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih registered a 9.9% increase YoY in its finished steel output to 1.7608 million tons.…

Ukrainian scrap exports up 82% in Q1 2012

In the first three months of 2012 Ukraine’s scrap exports increased by 82% YoY to 123,900 tons.
In March Ukraine’s scrap exports rose by 25.2% compared to February to 34,300 tons. In the first three months of the current year Ukraine’s scrap imports decreased by 58.5% compared to January to March 2011 to 19,500 tons. (SteelGuru)

Ukrainian pig iron exports up by 4% in Q1 2012

In January to March 2012 Ukrainian exports of pig iron increased by 4.4% YoY to 352,100 tons.
In March exports of pig iron from Ukraine decreased by 17.9% compared to February to 86,700 tons. In January to March Ukrainian imports of pig iron decreased by 86.6% YoY to 8,000 tons. (SteelGuru)

ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih March 2012 output up by 6% YoY

ArcelorMittal Ukrainian unit said steel production rose by 5.9% YoY in March as equipment was fixed.
ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih production jumped to 505,100 tons from 476,900 tons in March 2011.
First quarter output was 7.3% higher at 1.47 million tons, while crude steel production grew by 7.5%, to 1.47 million tons. (SteelGuru)

Ukraine to help pipe producers fight antidumping accusations

Ukraine’s Economic Development and Trade Ministry considers accusations of dumping against Ukrainian pipe producers by their European competitors to be unfounded, and it will help these companies in the investigation launched by the European Commission.Mr. Valeriy Pyatnytsky, Ukrainian government commissioner for European integration, said “We are writing our commentaries and registering ourselves as an interested…

Ukrainian ferrous metal product exports decline in February 2012

According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, in the first two months of the current year Ukraine’s ferrous metal exports decreased by 4.6% YoY to 4.1 million tons, including 331,000 tons of steel pipes, up by 11% YoY. (SteelOrbis)