Ukraine: Velta restores 60% of capacities

Velta has started restoring 60% of its capacities lost in the fire a year ago.

Ukraine: PGOK the best of pellets manufacturers and exporters

Poltava Mining and Processing Works (PGOK) is on top of the CIS manufacturers and exported of iron ore pellets as of January-August with 7658 thousand tons.

Ukraine: mines store 400 thousand tons of coal

Additional stocks of coal at mines total 400 thousand tons, said the fuel and energy minister Vladimir Demchyshin.

Ukraine: Space Heroes mine to give 500 thousand tons of coal

The Space Heroes Mine Group has put a new long face into operation. Its industrial reserves are estimated at 561 thousand tons of coal. It is planned to extract 1900 thousand tons of coal per day from this long face. Thus the reserves would last for a year.

Ukraine: Metinvest CEO refuses to rule out ‘haircut’ in debt restructuring

Metinvest, Ukraine’s largest private mining and steel group, has refused to rule out writing off part of its debt which is to be restructured, Group CEO Yuri Ryzhenkov said.

Ukraine: State Finance Inspection to check ZTMK

The State Finance Inspection of Ukraine is going to check the financial activities of the four companies by the order of the Ministry for economic development and trade.

Ukraine: ISD and AMKR to suffer from sanctions

The Industrial Union of Donbass corporation (ISD) and ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rig are the major clients of the railroad First Cargo Company in Ukraine, affected by sanctions.

Ukraine: steel pipes output down in January-August 2015

In January-August Ukraine produced 568.2 thousand tons of steel pipes, down by 44.4% YoY.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: hot-rolled sheet, July 2015

Ukrainian export prices are down by $15, Russian – by $10-15.

Ukraine: DTEK Pavlorgadskoye Mine Group puts new long face into operation

Ternovskaya mine has put the new 342 long face into operation with capacity of 220 thousand tons of coal.

Ukraine: Ferrexpo shares down at the news of bank problems

On September 18 the shares of the UK-based mining company Ferrexpo with assets in Ukraine fell at the London Stock Exchange after the news of the company losing access to its money in the Finances and Credits bank in Kiev. The bank is owned by Ferrexpo majority shareholder Konstantin Zhevago.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: hot-rolled plate, July 2015

Ukrainian export prices are down by $15.

Ukraine: insolvent bank carries Ferrexpo’s $174 million

Ferrexpo had $174 million at the Finances and Credits bank, that had been named insolvent.

Ukraine: iron ore export-import in January-August 2015

In August Ukraine exported $136.31 million worth of iron ore, with imports on the level of $7.28 million.

Ukraine: metal companies expenses up in January-July 2015

In January-July the Ukrainian metal industry received 14.3 billion UAH of losses, up by 15.3% YoY, or by 1.9 billion UAH.

Ukraine: Ilyich decreases gas consumption

Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works thermal station #1 has completely switched to blast furnace gas, which led to a substantial natural gas saving. In August the works was able to save 2.9 million UAH.

Ukraine: Pavlograd and Dobropolye stock 400 thousand tons of coal

Ukrainian thermal power station coal reserves grow daily by 20 thousand tons and have reached 1.6 million tons, said the energy and coal industry minister Vladimir Demchishyn.

Ukraine: DTEK increases its coal stocks in mid September

From September 7 to September 14 DTEK increased coal stocks at its thermal power stations by 64.7 thousand tons.

Ukraine: Metinvest claims 2.7 billion UAH debt

The Ukrainian mining-metallurgical sector is in decay. The leading companies are balancing on the edge of profitability. First of all, because of the problems with raw materials deliveries due to the military activity in the East. Iron ore extraction tax also affects this. For the past 1.5 years it has grown 20 times.

Ukraine: steel semis export-import in January-August 2015

In August Ukraine exported $169.2 million worth of steel semi-finished products, with imports on the level of $0.61 million.