Ukraine: DSS steel output up in February 2019

In February Dneprospetsstal increased steel output by 15.5% MoM, to 16.803 thousand tons.

According to the company statement, rolled metal manufacture dropped by 6.1%, to 10.742 thousand tons.

In 2 months DSS produced 31.351 thousand tons of steel and 22.183 thousand tons of rolled metal, down by 24.7% and by 20.4% YoY respectively. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Electrozinc output down in 2018

In 2018 Electrozinc fulfilled its annual manufacturing plan by 79%. The reason was the fire on October 21, 2018, which destroyed the electrolysis shop. Last year the company produced 63.065 thousand tons of zinc (73.676 thousand tons in 2017), including 31.584 thousand tons of zinc-aluminum alloy, 105.476 thousand tons of sulfur acid and 274 tons…

Ukraine: iron ore exports up in February 2019

In February Ukraine increased iron ore exports by 2.7% YoY, to $228.542 million. At the same time, imports grew 3-fold, to $0.012 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, Poland was the main customer – $34.282 million. In January-February Ukraine exported $463.2 million worth of iron ore, up by 0.02% YoY, while imports dropped by…

Uzbekistan: gold exports up in January-February 2019

In January-February Uzbekistan exported $3 billion worth of products, up by 20.4% YoY.

$1.2 billion accounted for gold.

During the whole 2018 Uzbekistan exported $2.9 billion worth of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Evraz to sell 1.8% of shares

Greenleas International Holdings, Abiglaze Limited, Crosland Global Limited and Toshi Holdings have announced their decision to sell some 1.8% of Evraz shares. The number of shares that the companies intend to sell amounts to 25.4 million. Roman Abramovich indirectly owns shares in Evraz through Greenleas International Holdings, Alexander Abramov – through Abiglaze Limited, Alexander Frolov…

Russia: Mikhailovsky GOK gets new locomotive

Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Works has put into operation a new locomotive. The machine was purchased under the Metalloinvest program to renew fleet. The new locomotive will be operating at the Pogruzochnaya station and will transport pellets and concentrate to the Kurbakinskaya station. The locomotive can transport 25 cars on average and together with another…

Ukraine: Interpipe to import scrap

Interpipe may start importing scrap to cover the shortage on the local market. “So far we see only one option – long-term imports”, the company CFO Denis Morozov said. “At the same time, unfortunately, Ukrainian infrastructure is not ready for scrap imports – neither ports, nor railroad”, he added. Scrap is the main raw material…

Kazakhstan: gold production up in January-February 2019

Production of unwrought gold and semi-processed gold or in powder form reached 14,315 kg in January-February, up by 5% YoY, Statistics Committee of the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan reports.

In the accounting period output of unwrought and semi-processed silver or in the powder form made 128,576 kg, down by 5.1%. (Kazinform/Ukrainian metal)