Russia: Seligdar denied buying Rusolovo

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation has denied the claim of Seligdar to purchase up to 75.01% of the voting shares in the tin-mining company Rusolovo. Seligdar applied to the service in October 2016, stating that as the result of the deal it would own 100% in Rusolovo. But the FAS declined the…

Russia: no more scrap for TMK

The Pipe Metal Company, one of the world’s largest pipe producers, has sold TMK-Chermet for 6.2 billion rubles. “This sale has decreased our net debt”, the company said in a statement. The deal will not result in the change of the supply system. “TMK will still receive scrap under competitive market conditions”, the statement reads.…

Ukraine: electricity consumption by metal companies in 2016

In 2016 Ukrainian metal companies increased electricity consumption by 0.02% YoY, to 28.76 billion kW-h.

According to the Ministry of energy and coal industry, machine-building companies increased electricity consumption by 0.2%, to 3.676 billion kW-h, while chemical companies consumed 2.968 billion kW-h of electricity, down by 3.8%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Magadan gold output up in 2016

In 2016 Magadan region mined 27.9 tons of gold instead of 27.5 tons of the project target. “We have around 28 tons of gold, and this greatly increases our target indices. This will allow us to improve economic situation in the region and make our social support and sports construction programs more real”, the region…

Russia: TMK to increase shipments in 2017

In 2016 TMK shipped a total of 3,440 thousand tons of tubular products, down by 11.2% YoY. The decline was mainly due to lower welded pipe sales. Seamless pipe shipments remained almost flat YoY at 2,399 thousand tons. Welded pipe shipments were 1,042 thousand tons, down by 28.7% YoY, mainly due to lower output across…

Russia: coal mining in Kemerovo region in 2016

In 2016 Kemerovo region mined 227.4 million tons of coal, up by 5.4% YoY, including 145.1 million tons from open-pit mines. Coking coal amounted to 65 million tons, up by 3.3% YoY. SUEK-Kuzbass increased coal mining by 7.7 million tons, Kiyzassky mine – by 3.9 million tons, Novokuznetsk site of the Raspadskaya Coal Company –…

Ukraine: aluminum ore imports in 2016

In 2016 Ukraine imported 3.992 million tons of aluminum ore and concentrate valued at $155.15 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, the major suppliers of aluminum ore were Guinea – $94.9 million, or 61.17% of the total volumes, Guyana – $40.21 million, or 25.92%, and Brazil – $10.33 million, 6.6%. Other countries supplied $9.7…

Ukraine: silicon crystals furnace explodes at Kvazar

Firefighters have extinguished the fire at one of Kvazar’s shops.

The fire started, most probably, because of the explosion in the furnace to grow silicon micro crystals. Two employees received burns. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Stepnoy open-pit mine coal output up in 2016

In 2016 miners of the Stepnoy open-pit mine, a part of Russky Ugol (Russian Coal), yielded over 4.2 million tons of coal, up by 4% YoY.

Last year the processing factory at Stepnoy processed 3.4 million tons of coal. In 2017 the factory will be reconstructed to increase capacity. (Ukrainian metal)