Russia: Kolyma gold mining up in 2017

So far the gold washers of Kolyma have yielded 1.7 tons more gold then last year.

The plan for the year is 30.5 tons.

In 2016 Kolyma miners produced 27.9 tons of gold and 889.2 tons of silver, with 15.9 tons of alluvial metal, an absolute record for Russia.

Susumanzoloto yielded 4.5 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: coal mining down in April 2017

In April Ukraine mined 2.706 million tons of coal, down by 22.3% YoY. According to the Ministry of energy and coal industry, coking coal output decreased by 25%, to 2.309 million tons. In January-April coal output dropped by 3.3%, to 13.66 million tons. In 2016 Ukraine mined 40.864 million tons of coal, up by 2.8%…

Ukraine: mining sales up in Q1 2017

In January-March Ukraine sold 532.95 billion UAH of industrial goods (products and services), up by 34.7% YoY, including 140.84 billion UAH exported, up by 40.3%. According to the State Statistics Service, mining and quarry industry sales increased by 75.4% and of processing – by 28.1%. Metal and metal wares accounted for 16.7% of the sales,…

Ukraine: Novovolynsk miners still not paid

On May 4, the Novovolynsk miners met the deputies of the people’s deputy Igor Guz to discuss the salary debt problems. According to the chairman of the local miners union Anatoly Mukhomedzhanov, the miners have not received 30% of the February payment, and 100% of March and April salary. So far the debt amounts to…

Russia: Nesis buys Polymetal shares

Group IST of Alexander Nesis, through Powerboom Investments Limited, has increased its share in the gold-mining company Polymetal to 27.13% from 26.87%. Nesis bought 1.895 million shares, or 0.26% of the stake. As the shares are sold at around 10 GBP, the stake purchased can be estimated at 19 million GBP ($25.5 million). Out of…

Russia: Evraz expanding sales markets

Evraz dispatched a batch of nodules produced at Kachkanarsk Mining and Processing Works to US Steel Kosice, the biggest steel mill in Slovakia. The nodules fully meet the customer’s requirements in chemical composition and physical properties. The content of iron in the nodules is above 60%; such high strength and solidity characteristics allow producing high…

Ukraine: VostGOK to close uranium mine

Reserves of the Smolinskaya mine, a part of Vostochniy Mining and Processing Works, at the Vatutinskoye uranium deposit are below 1.4 thousand tons. The mine is expected to have finished operation at the deposits in 3-5 years. At present VostGOK operates at 4 uranium deposits: Vatutinskoye, Michurinskoye, Central and Novokonstaninovskoye. The first three have been…

Ukraine: Mariupol Ilyich can’t use subsurface resources

The State Geology and Subsurface Service has cancelled 62 special allowances to use subsurface resources in Donetsk and Lugansk regions because of the absence of reports on mining in 2015-2016.

The list contains among others Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, Makeevugol and Dokuchaevsk Flux-Dolomite Complex. (Ukrainian metal)