Ukraine: 9th place in pig iron output retained in October 2018

In October world pig iron manufacture increased by 7.66% YoY, to 107.287 million tons.

China was still the largest manufacturer with 67.736 million tons of pig iron, up by 12.86% YoY.

Ukraine retained the 9th place with 1.785 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Chernogorsky pit reaches annual goal ahead of schedule

Chernogorsky pit was the first of SUEK enterprises in the Republic of Khakasia to fulfill its annual target.

Since the start of the year the pit has yielded over 7 million tons of coal.

Investments in 2013-2017 totaled 6.85 billion rubles, and in Q1-Q3 2018 – 1.3 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Buryatia yields 4.7 tons of gold in January-October 2018

In January-October the Republic of Buryatia extracted 4756.3 kg of gold.

Ore gold accounted for 2806.9 kg.

Alluvial gold output totaled 1949.4 kg.

Last year the region extracted 5678 kg of gold, including 3610 kg of ore gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: coke output up in January-October 2018

In January-October Ukrainian by-product coke plants increased 6% moisture coke manufacture by 4.7% YoY, to 8.986 million tons. According to Ukrkoks, in October output was 952 thousand tons, up from 878 thousand tons in September. The output growth is due to the slight increase in pig iron manufacture. In 2019 Ukraine is expected to increase…

Ukraine: DTEK profits in January-September 2018

In January-September DTEK received 3.395 billion UAH of net profit, including 2.009 billion UAH of net loss in Q3. In particular, the financial results were influenced by the decrease of the hryvnia exchange rate. The loss of currency exchange rate difference totals 0.6 billion UAH. The company income was 119.812 billion UAH in 9 months,…

Russia: two TMK plants get RZhD preferences

Russian Railways announce another decrease of tariffs for the transportation of ferrous metals and other goods. From January 1 till December 31, 2019 some Ural metal plants will get special tariff conditions. In particular, RZhD is introducing a 47% discount on inner transportation of ferrous rolled metals from the Polevskaya station to the Kamensk-Uralsky station.…