Ukraine: Metinvest iron ore concentrate output down in 2016

In 2016 Metinvest enterprises produced 29.64 million tons of iron ore concentrate, down by 8% YoY.

Pellets output decreased by 8% YoY, to 6147 thousand tons, because of the increase of local consumption. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EU cancels steel ropes antidumping duties

Th European Commission decided not to prolong the antidumping duty on the import of steel ropes originating from Ukraine and Moldova that has been in effect since 1999.

In January 2016 EU decreased the duty for Stalkanat-Silur ropes from 51.8% to 10.5%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: coal consumption up in 2016

In 2016 thermal power plants and steam power plants increased coal consumption by 9.4% YoY, or by 2.7 million tons, to 31.338 million tons. According to the Ministry of energy and coal industry, in December 2016 coal consumption increased by 22.3% YoY, or by 575.1 thousand tons, to 3.151 million tons. In 2015 TPPs and…

Ukraine: Avdiivka Coke puts 2nd furnace into operation

Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Works is preparing to put its second furnace into operation.

As of early February 7, water supplies were stable in the town of Avdiivka.

At the same time, the works still uses only one electricity line out of four. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: scrap export-import in January 2017

In January Ukraine exported 10.106 thousand tons of ferrous scrap, up 6.6 times YoY, but down MoM, as in December 2016 it exported 20.485 thousand tons. According to the State Fiscal Service, the exports increased 6.2 times, to $2.097 million. Imports in January went up 4.3 times YoY, to 1.882 thousand tons. Turkey (92.3% and…

Ukraine: UGOK January 2017 results

In January Yuzhniy Mining and Processing Works produced 1.047 million tons of iron ore concentrate, up by 12.9% YoY.

According to the company statement, sinter output went up by 37.8% YoY, to 203.9 thousand tons.

In 2016 UGOK produced 11282.3 thousand tons of concentrate and 2085.09 thousand tons of sinter. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Metinvest top-managers get $6 million in H1 2016

Following the results of the first half-year of 2016, 11 members of the management team of Metinvest received $6 million. They are: Yuri Ryzhenkov, CEO, Yuliya Dankova, financial director, Alexander Pogozhev, metallurgical division director and acting director of mining division, Oleg Tokar, industrial safety and ecology director, Svetlana Romanova, legal issues director, Dmitry Nikolayenko, sales…

Russia: acting investments director appointed at Severstal Russian Steel

Sergey Sidorkov has been appointed the acting investments director of Severstal Russian Steel.

Previously he worked as the director of the center on investment projects.

In his new office Sidorkov will continue the implementation of the investment program. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: ferrous metals exports revenue up in January 2017

In January Ukrainian metal companies increased revenue from ferrous metals exports by 71.9% YoY, to $654.819 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, ferrous metals accounted for 21.64% of the total exports as opposed to 18.64% in January 2016. In December 2016 ferrous metal exports earned Ukraine $621.784 million. At the same time in January…