Russia: Rusal output down in Q1 2019

In January-March, Rusal decreased aluminum manufacture by 0.3% YoY, to 928 thousand tons. Siberian plants accounted for 93% of the aluminum manufactured. Sales totaled 989.6 thousand tons, with high-added value products sales down by 22.2%, to 259 thousand tons. Average price decreased by 7.8% QoQ, to $1949 per ton. Aluminum foil and packaging production dropped…

Ukraine: miners wage arrears at 400 million UAH

The salary debt to miners exceeds 400 million UAH.

“Recently a decision has been taken to transfer some funds from the state budget to clear the debt. I believe soon the wage arrears will be paid”, deputy minister of energy and coal industry Anatoly Korzun declared. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Kolmar largest coal shipper in Yakutia

Kolmar will be the main coal shipper in Yakutia via railroad in 2019, as it intends to transport 6.8 million tons.

Thus, average monthly volumes will be 550 thousand tons.

Regional railways plan to transport 7.6 million tons of cargo this year, up by 38% YoY. Thus, Kolmar will account for 89.5%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: RZOTsM gets unique pipe-drawing mill

RZOTsM has assembled a pipe-drawing mill manufactured by Irkutsk Heavy Machinery Works.

The mill has been specifically designed for Revda Works to produce cold-drawn pipes with the diameter of 100 to 310 mm of copper and copper alloys.

All the assembly work has been completed. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Yuzhkoks profits in 2018

In 2018 Yuzhkoks increased its net income by 33.9% YoY, to 4.536 billion UAH. Net profit totaled 23.516 million UAH as opposed to 5.363 million UAH of net losses in 2017. EBITDA grew 18-fold, to 29.715 million UAH. Undistributed profit as of late 2018 totaled 483.916 million UAH. The company current liabilities increased 14.1-fold, to…

Ukraine: AMKR not to pay dividends for 2018

The shareholders of ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih decided to spend all the profit of 2018 on the development of the company.

Last year the company increased its net profit almost 2-fold, or by 84.2%, to 9.51 billion UAH.

Net income grew by 3%, to 68 billion UAH. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: three miners suffer from electric shock at Sukhaya Balka mine

During underground work three people were injured at the Yubileynaya mine of Sukhaya Balka in Krivoy Rog.

The help of the rescuers was not needed, as the colleagues of the miners were able to repair the machinery and brought them to the surface.

All the three miners suffered from the electric shock. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Charan gets the Rachyu alluvial site

Charan LLC, extracting gold in the Republic of Sakha (Yaukutia) at the auction won the right to develop an alluvial gold site at the Rachyu Brook.

The company competitor was Sibresursproekt LLC.

Charan offered 1.320550 million rubles for the site. (Ukrainian metal)