Ukraine: Lisichanskugol cut off grid

The state enterprise Ukrinterenergo has fulfilled its intention to stop electricity supplies to some Lisichanskugol departments. At present only the main fans, pumping and cage hoist are operating at the mines. All the other services have no electricity. The energy company warned the coal miner that this was only a part of the punishment for…

Russia: Dalur starts developing Khokhlovskoye uranium deposit

The development of the Khokhlovskoye deposit will help Dalur keep its uranium output on the present level.

The work started in 2013. In 2015 a local sorption site was put into operation.

Soon construction of a railroad base will start not far from the central node of the deposit. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VSMPO furnaces capacity to increase

VSMPO is reconstructing vacuum arc furnaces Nos. 17 and 18 in the shop No. 31.

After modernization they will be able to produce ingots with the weight of 4 tons as opposed to 2 tons previously.

The work started in November 2018.

In 13 months the furnaces have to yield the first ingots. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: new Vorkutaugol long face reaches design capacity

The 262 long face of the Vorkutaugol Vorshagorskaya mine has reached its design capacity of 180 thousand tons per month.

The reserves of the long face are some 1.325 million tons of coal.

The miners intend to finish developing it in September.

The long face was commissioned in late January. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Metall-Don to supply metal structures to Guinea

On March 11, Metall-Don signed a major export contract to produce metal structures for the Frigia bauxite-alumina complex owned by Rusal.

The cost of the contract is 75 million rubles.

The structures will be delivered to Guinea by sea. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Evraz spends 900 million rubles on labor safety

The Urals enterprises of Evraz in 2018 improved the working conditions of 4 thousand metallurgists and miners.

The group spent over 900 million rubles on the labor and industrial safety programs.

Some enterprises replaced lighting in warehouses and railroad sites.

Others provided their employees with personal protection means. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr starts producing round rolled metal-

Krasniy Octyabr Iron and Steel Works has mastered the manufacture of a new product – bar of high-alloyed, corrosion-resistant steel of EP 54 grade (08X21H6M2T).

Previously of this steel the company manufactured only sheets.

The technique allows producing hot-rolled bars with the diameter of 65 to 200 mm. (Ukrainian metal)