Ukraine: ISD continues to control AMZ and Alchevskkoks in uncontrolled territory

Industrial Union of Donbas (ISD) Corporation is currently controlling its production assets in Alchevsk, Luhansk region, namely Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works, Alchevsk Coke Chemical Plant (Alchevskkoks) and PJSC Ecoenergy, located in the temporarily uncontrolled territory of Ukraine. “Due to different interpretations of ISD Corporation’s statement made on November 29, we believe it is necessary…

Ukraine: ISD officially reports on “significant risk” of losing control over AMZ and Alchevskkoks

Industrial Union of Donbas Corporation (ISD) has officially reported on a significant risk of losing effective managerial control over the production assets (industrial sites and office premises in Alchevsk, Luhansk region), including PJSC Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works, PJSC Alchevsk Coke Chemical Plant (Alchevskkoks) and PJSC Ecoenergy, which together constitute a significant part of the…

Kazakhstan: coal exports up in January-October 2017

In January-October Kazakhstan exported 23.4 million tons of coal, up by 13.6% YoY.

Output totaled 86.6 million tons, up by 11.6% YoY, or by 9 million tons. 61.8 million tons were supplied to the local market, with 45.9 million tons delivered to combined heat power plants and state district power plants. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Mikheyevsky GOK repairs the largest breaker in the country

Mikheyevsky Mining and Processing Works has completed repairs of the Superior MK 60-89 gyratory breaker with the capacity of 4 thousand tons of ore per hour.

This is the largest breaker in Russia.

The repairs were completed in just 36 hours instead of 120 as planned. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Corum builds fan unit at ZZhRK

Corum Group has finished the construction of the fan unit at the Expluatatsionnaya mine of the Zaporozhye Iron Ore Complex.

The unit has already received the certificate allowing it to be commissioned. The fan will be providing the mine with ventilation for some 35 years.

The new unit has replaced outdated centrifugal fans. (Ukrainian metal)