Ukraine: Metinvest starts selling new rolled metal

Metinvest-SMC, a trading channel of Metinvest, has started selling the new 30MnB5 grade rolled metal, produced according to EN10083-3, for the manufacture of agricultural machinery details.

Ukraine: Krivoy Rog Iron Ore Industrial Complex output down in January-September 2015

In January-September Krivoy Rog Iron Ore Industrial Complex produced 4.13 million tons of iron ore, down by 2.1 YoY.

Ukraine: Metinvest not to sell Zaporizhstal

The Ukrainian largest private metal company – Metinvest – thinks positively of the Zaporizhstal operation and supports its development.

Ukraine: InGOK concentrate output down in January-September 2015

In January-September Ingulets Mining and Processing Works, a part of the Metinvest Group of Companies, produced 8.53 million tons of iron ore concentrate, down by 16.5% YoY.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal expects Dnepr winter navigation extended

Zaporizhstal, a part of the Metinvest Group of Companies, expects the Ministry for infrastructure to prolong winter navigation on the river Dnepr, to decrease metal transportation costs.

Ukraine: Alchevsk powered by Russian electricity

Ukraine started restoring power transmission lines that connect Lugansk and Uglegorsk thermal power stations to the state energy system. The repairs could be over in 2 months.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal gas consumption down

In 2012-2014 Zaporizhstal decreased gas consumption by 40%.

Ukraine: Metinvest slightly increases its share in CGOK

Metinvest B. V. (the Netherlands) has increased its share in the Central Mining and Processing Works (CGOK, Dniepropetrovsk region) from 99.5707% to 99.7481%.

Ukraine: Ternovskaya mine beats its annual coal plan

“The mine with the project capacity of 900 thousand tons would this year yield over 1.5 million tons of coal”, said DTEK Pavlogradugol CEO Sergey Voronin.

Ukraine: coal problems are no more

Coal deliveries have been renewed and Ukraine can now increase its stocks by 20-30 thousand tons per day.

Ukraine: Interpipe Steel output down in January-September 2015

In January-September Interpipe Steel produced 443 thousand tons of steel, down by 35.1% YoY.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal to invest 1.6 billion UAH in modernization

In 2012-2014 Zaporizhstal invested 2.7 billion UAH in the works development. In particular, in 2012 the company invested around 486 million UAH into production capacity modernization, with 553 million in 2013 and 1.61 billion on 2014. This year Zaporizhstal intends to overcome the last year level.

Ukraine: Yenakievo Works output down in January-August 2015

In January-August Yenakievo Iron and Steel Works, a part of Metinvest, produced 1.16 million tons of rolled metal, down by 32.4% YoY.

Ukraine: InGOK to process oxidized ores

Ingulets Mining and Processing Works (InGOK) plans to start processing oxidized ores.

Ukraine: Metinvest increases share in 4 metal works

Private limited company Metinvest B. V. (the Netherlands) has increased its share in Azovstal Iron and Steel Works from 74.54305% to 74.66433%, or from 3133789.683 thousand shares to 3138888.507 thousand shares.

Ukraine: annexed Alushta starts producing metal-polymeric pipes

Within the Kronapipe metal-polymeric pipe manufacture investment project in Nizhnyaya Kutuzovka a technological line was put into operation.

Ukraine: DTEK ups its coal stocks

From September 28 to October 4 DTEK increased its thermal power stations coal stocks by 100.6 thousand tons: that week they received 451.5 thousand tons of coal and used 350.9 thousand tons to produce electricity.