Ukraine: flat export-import in August 2015

In August Ukraine exported $157.55 million worth of flat rolled products, while imports reached $46.8 million.

Ukraine: long products export-import in August 2015

In August Ukraine exported $167.39 million worth of long rolled metal products, with imports on the level of $9.88 million.

Ukraine: metal output in Donbass down in January-August 2015

In January-August the volume of the industrial products in Donetsk region (without the antiterrorist operation zone) decreased by 45% YoY. In August output dropped by 4%. In particular, metal production decreased by 3.5%, that of coke – by 1.6%.

Ukraine: coal still coming from occupied territories

Ukraine has not stopped buying coal from occupied territories of Donbass, said the head of the Donetsk region military-civilian administration Pavel Zhebrivsky.

Ukraine: state mines to unite in a holding

Pavel Zhebrivsky, the head of the Donetsk regional administration, said the Cabinet of Ministers was sent a project of the decree to return processing factories to the state property.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal puts bag filters on its sintering machines

Within the vast ecological overhaul of its sintering shop Zaporizhstal has started assembling the main gas-purifying machinery bag filters with impulse regeneration at sintering machines ##3-4.

Ukraine: metal companies in Deloitte’s list

According to Deloitte’s list of 500 largest Central European companies in 2014, Interpipe received 14.5 million euro of net profit, though it finished 2013 with 55.2 million euro of losses. Interpipe’s income last year fell by 32.5%, to 770.5 million euro, which landed the company on place 274 from 160.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: channel (ordinary steel), July 2015

Ukrainian export prices are down by $23-59.

Ukraine: DTEK Dobropolyeugol losses reach 700 thousand tons

Dobropolyeugol coal extraction in January-July missed the targeted results by 31%, with coal losses exceeding 700 thousand tons.

Ukraine: Ilyich to pay 0.9 million UAH for air pollution

The Court of the Donetsk region made a decision to recover 900 thousand UAH from the Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works for air pollution.

Ukraine: manganese ore export-import in August 2015

In August Ukraine imported $22.82 million worth of manganese ore.

Ukraine: DTEK not to import anthracite coal

DTEK tries to take its anthracite coal from warehouses in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and not import it.

Ukraine: Velta restores 60% of capacities

Velta has started restoring 60% of its capacities lost in the fire a year ago.

Ukraine: PGOK the best of pellets manufacturers and exporters

Poltava Mining and Processing Works (PGOK) is on top of the CIS manufacturers and exported of iron ore pellets as of January-August with 7658 thousand tons.

Ukraine: mines store 400 thousand tons of coal

Additional stocks of coal at mines total 400 thousand tons, said the fuel and energy minister Vladimir Demchyshin.

Ukraine: Space Heroes mine to give 500 thousand tons of coal

The Space Heroes Mine Group has put a new long face into operation. Its industrial reserves are estimated at 561 thousand tons of coal. It is planned to extract 1900 thousand tons of coal per day from this long face. Thus the reserves would last for a year.

Ukraine: Metinvest CEO refuses to rule out ‘haircut’ in debt restructuring

Metinvest, Ukraine’s largest private mining and steel group, has refused to rule out writing off part of its debt which is to be restructured, Group CEO Yuri Ryzhenkov said.