Ukrainian semi-finished steel exports in 2010 cross 11 million tons

It is reported that in 2010 Ukraine’s semi-finished steel product exports saw a slight decrease of 0.8% YoY amounting to 11.404 million tons valued at about $5.426 billion, while its imports of semi-finished steel products increased by 91% YoY to 472,580 tons valued at $285 million.In December 2010 Ukraine’s semi-finished steel product exports decreased by…

AzovElectroStal increases output in 2010

It is reported that AzovElectroStal, a Ukrainian steel maker affiliated with Azovmash, increased output by 2.4 times YoY in 2010. Company also plans further expansion in 2011.According to a Millennium Capital analyst, “We consider the news as positive for Mariupol Heavy Machinery controlled by Azovmash. Earlier the latter announced plans to increase output of freight…

Ukraine increases DRI and HBI import in 2010

It is reported that Ukraine increased import of high quality raw material DRI/HBI in 2010 2.71 times compared to 2009 to 346,500 tons.
In December 2010 import of these products increased 21.1% compared to November 2010 to 30,100 tons. ( 

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Ukraine expects a 10-15% rise in galvanized steel consumption in 2011

According to the report, issued by the Ukrainian galvanized steel producer Unisteel, in 2010 Ukraine’s consumption of galvanized steel increased by about 30% YoY to 330,000 tons exceeding all forecasts and confirming that the galvanized steel sector is gradually recovering from the crisis, with construction companies increasing their activities.In 2011 Ukraine’s consumption of galvanized steel…