Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks starts supplying coke gas to Zaporizhstal

Zaporozhkoks has started supplying coke gas to Zaporizhstal.

Ukraine: DTEK to sell its Russian assets

DTEK plans to sell its Obukhovskaya Mine Group and Donskoy Antrazit (Russia).

Ukraine: Azovstal starts constructing PCI machine

Metinvest is going to spend $17 million on construction of the pulverized coal injection machine in the blast furnace #4 of Azovstal, and plans to switch all blast furnace manufacture at the works from the expensive natural gas to pulverized coal fuel.

Ukraine: scrap procurement down in Q1 2016

In January-March Ukraine procured 614 thousand tons of scrap. That’s the lowest result for the past 20 years. And the first time that the procurement can’t meet the local demand.

Ukraine: PFK to keep nickel output on 2015 level

In 2016 Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant intends to keep nickel output on 2015 level.

Ukraine: Evraz Dneprodzerzhinsk Coke to decrease coke output

In 2016 Evraz Dneprodzerzhinsk By-product Coke Plant intends to decrease bulk 6% moisture coke output by 1.5% YoY, or by 9.8 thousand tons, to 659 thousand tons.

Ukraine: manganese ore export-import in March 2016

In March Ukraine exported $5.65 million worth of manganese ore, with exports on the level of $0.47 million.

Ukraine: Donetsk Rolling Works ends 2015 with profits

In 2015 Donetsk Metal Rolling Works received 15.1 million UAH of net profits.

Ukraine: steel semis export-import in March 2016

In March Ukraine exported $198.19 million worth of semi-finished steel products, with imports on the level of $1.12 million.

Ukraine: Electrotyazhmash hides steel prices

The state enterprise Electrotyazhmash has ordered Metalscrab LLC the delivery of 29.34 million UAH worth of steel.

Ukraine: flat rolled metal export-import in March 2016

In March Ukraine exported $128 million worth of flat rolled metal, while imports totaled $39.38 million.

Ukraine: Velikoanadolskiy Refractories reelect CEO

The supervisory board of Velikoanadolskiy Refractory Works has reelected Dmitry Golubev the general manager of the company.

Ukraine: ferrous scrap prices up

Ukrpromvenshexpertisa has noted the increase of ferrous scrap prices from February 20 till April 10, CIF Turkey by 50%, or by $85 per ton, to $255 per ton.

Ukraine: EMSS to supply rolls to AM B&D

Energomashspetsstal will supply four rolls to ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange (Luxembourg) in July.

Ukraine: UGMK refreshes revision committee

Shareholders of Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company have decided to extend the office of a revision committee member and change another, as well as to buy 5% of shares.

Ukraine: metal companies losses down in January-February 2016

In January-February Ukrainian metal companies decreased their pre-tax losses 3.2 times YoY, to 9.9 billion UAH (from 31.7 billion UAH).

Ukraine: Avdiivka Coke and Azovstal shares to be excluded from the main Ukrainian Exchange list

In case Azovstal and Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Works shareholders decide to switch from public to private joint-stock ownership, their shares might be entered into the waiting list for exclusion from the main index of the Ukrainian Exchange.

Ukraine: Selidovugol pays too much for self-rescuers

Selidovugol has ordered the Promtorg Company the delivery of 36760 thousand UAH worth of equipment.

Ukraine: UMCC corporatisation started

The state enterprise United Mining and Chemical Company will become a joint-stock company.

Ukraine: PGOK to increase pellets output

In 2016 Poltava Mining and Processing Works plans to increase pellets output by 0.75% YoY, or by 0.08 million tons, to 11.75 million tons, with 10.66 million tons being Fe 65% pellets.

Ukraine: Metallurgprom scrap hearing postponed

The District Administrative Court of Kiev has postponed the hearing of the Metallurgprom lawsuit against the Ministry of economical development and trade as to its decree on ferrous scrap till May 19.

Ukraine: Mariupol Ilyich transport expenses up

Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works expenses for railroad-water transportation of raw materials are 2.6 times higher compared to just railroad.

Ukraine: ministry accuses DTEK of not buying state coal

Beginning with April 11, without the official statement, DTEK Zapadenergo decreased acceptance of state coal from 3 thousand tons to 800-900 thousand tons per day.

Ukraine: Centravis pipes strength tested

Centravis Production Ukraine pipes have successfully passed strength tests under Bureau Veritas supervision.

Ukraine: UGOK puts sintering machine #5 into operation

Yuzny Mining and Processing Works has put its sintering machine #5 into operation after a major overhaul valued at 35 million UAH.

Ukraine: Metinvest starts producing boron-containing steel sheet

Metinvest enlarges its range of boron-containing rolled steel by starting producing 2.5 mm thick sheet.