Ukraine: Metinvest gave 18 million UAH to rebuild Avdiivka

Metinvest Group has sent additional 10 million UAH to rebuild Avdiivka, suffering from almost constant shelling.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: cold-rolled sheet, June 2015

Ukrainian export prices are down by $15, Russian – by $5.

Ukraine: AMKR management visited Georgia

Management of ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih met metal consumers in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Ukraine: Zaporozhye region in TOP-5 exporters

In January-May export share of the Zaporozhye region companies into EU increased. Zaporozhye share reached 29.7% of the total export volumes.

Ukraine: Metinvest named state debts to its subsidiaries

Metinvest Group states that as of July 20 Ukraine owes its Severniy Mining and Processing Works and Central Mining and Processing Works (both in Kriviy Rih) 529.86 million UAH for VAT-reimbursement.

Ukraine: Avdiivka losses at almost 90 million in H1 2015

In the first half year of 2015 Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Works received 89.4 million UAH of losses.

Ukraine: pig iron output down in June 2015

In June Ukraine produced 1830 thousand tons of pig iron, down by 5.3%, or by 102 thousand tons MoM.

Ukraine: Dzerzhinsky to decrease pig iron output

Due to the burnout of the blast furnace #1M hearth, Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works named after F. Dzerzhinsky will decrease its daily output of pig iron.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: scrap (grade 2a), June 2015

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: scrap (grade 3a), June 2015

Ukraine: AZOTSM to increase its authorized capital stock

Shareholders of the Artemovsk Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Works (Donetsk region) decided to increase the company authorized capital stock by 118.75 million UAH, to 338.75 million UAH.

Ukraine: NZF output up in June 2015

In June Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (NZF, the largest ferroalloys manufacturer in Ukraine) produced 1.6 thousand tons of ferromanganese, up 5.3 times, or by 1.3 thousand tons MoM.

Ukraine: Russian coal to Moldova blocked

Ukraine has blocked the transit of Russian anthracite to Moldova consumers through Odessa.

Ukraine: SevGOK sees losses in H1 2015

In January-June Severniy Mining and Processing Works (SevGOK) received 486.9 million UAH of losses.

Ukraine: rolled metal output down in June 2015

In June Ukraine produced 1788 thousand tons of rolled metal, down by 3.5%, or by 65 thousand tons MoM.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: pellets, June 2015

Russian export prices are down by $5.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: concentrate, June 2015

Ukrainian and Russian export prices are up by $5-10.

Ukraine: African coal to cost $80 per ton

Coal imported from the South African Republic will cost Ukraine $80 per ton.

Ukraine: Khartsyzsk Pipes ends H1 2015 with losses

In January-June Khartsyzsk Pipe Works (KHTZ), a part of the Metinvest group, received 237.97 million UAH of losses.

Ukraine: steelsmelting up and running at Alchevsk

Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works (Lugansk region) has renewed its steel manufacture.