Ukraine: Krasnoarmeyskugol renamed

The Ministry of energy and coal industry has renamed the state enterprise Krasnoarmeyskugol Mirnogradugol, as the decommunization law dictates.

Earlier the town of Krasnoarmeysk, where the company is situated, was renamed Mirnograd.

The state enterprise comprises 4 mines, yielding power-generating and coking coal. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rusal net profit up in Q1 2017

In January-March Rusal increased its net profits by 48% YoY, to $187 million.

According to the company statement, its corrected EBITDA went up by 52.2%, to $475 million, earnings increased by 20%, to $2.297 billion.

Rusal aluminum output in Q1 decreased by 2.1% YoY, to 910 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: AMKR busy implementing new grading salary payment system

On May 10, extensive discussion was held by Chief Executive Officer PJSC ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih Paramjit Kahlon and Management Committee with the head of Trade Union Yuriy Bobchenko on finding a solution in overall improvement of conditions at work places and discussion on the various matters related to new labor collective agreement and salary increase…

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor refractory output up in April 2017

In April Zaporozhogneupor produced 8222 tons of refractories, up by 25% YoY.

In particular chamotte wares output increased by 14%, magnesia wares by 43%, and high-aluminous wares by 14%.

In January-April Zaporozhogneupor exceeded its target by 1%, having increased refractory output to 32444 tons from 32182 tons in January-April 2016. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChMK demanding 19 million rubles from ChKPZ

Chelyabinsk Iron and Steel Works, a part of Mechel, demands the payment of 18.9 million rubles from Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Works, owned by the State Duma deputy Valeriy Gartung and his family, and has filed a claim to the arbitrary court.

In February ChKPZ received two claims from ChMK for over 19 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Staltrans opens new warehouse

Because of the sales growth and to improve servicing Staltrans decided to increase stock capacity and open a new warehouse in Podolsk, Moscow region. The new warehouse will service the company customers in the Central district, as well as other Western parts of Russia. Staltrans also sells metal wares directly from major works and from…

Ukraine: more miners join Kriviy Rih strike

Miners of Krivoy Rog Iron Ore Industrial Complex, ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih and Evraz Sukhaya Balka are still striking, demanding the increase of salary. According to the chairman of the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets, miners’ wives together with children and other relatives have blocked railroad and stopped sales. At AMKR over 300 miners…