Kazakhstan: copper and zinc output down in January-February 2017

In January-February Kazakhstan decreased copper cathodes and raw zinc output by 3.3% and by 1% YoY respectively.

According to the Statistics committee of the Economy Ministry, raw steel output went up by 8.6% YoY.

Kaz Minerals and KazZinc produce most of the metal. (Ukrainian metal)

Kyrgyzstan to construct a copper works

Kyrgyzstan is deciding on construction of the copper-smelting works, according to the State committee on industry, energy and soil.

To process concentrate the construction of the copper works and the implementation of the new technologies are needed, which are currently absent in Kyrgyzstan. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: OMZ-Spetsstal produces 443-ton ingot

OMZ-Spetsstal has produced the largest forging ingot in the company history – weighing 443 tons. The ingot will be used to produce a heavy supporting roll for the 5000 mill of the Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works. The size of the future product: diameter – 2.36 meters, length – 12 meters. The total weight of…

Ukraine: CAD 50 million coal purchased in January 2017

Ukrainian companies in January imported coking coal for CAD 48.2 million ($36.2 million under the current exchange rate) from Canada, while in January 2016 no coking coal was imported, Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine Roman Waschuk reported. He said that British Columbia had large stocks of coking coal and production facilities. Supplies from the province could…

Ukraine: Chervonogradskaya Factory returned to state ownership

The privatization of the Chervonogradskaya central processing factory has been named illegal, and the Lviv regional commercial court of appeals returned its assets to the state ownership. After the privatization in 2008 and the creation of the Lviv Coal Company the state controlled 37.58% of shares in the new company, with 62% controlled by the…

Russia: MMK modernizing plate capacities

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works has decided to modernize its continuous casting machine No. 6 and the 5000 plate mill in order to start producing hot-rolled metal of the 350 mm thick slab. The project, including modification, assembly and putting into operation, is expected to be finished this year. At present the CCM No. 6…

Ukraine: mining companies to be thoroughly checked

Following the cave-in of the Stepnaya mine in the Lviv region the government commission will check 300 mining companies. “We are checking all the documents at 300 enterprises of the mining complex which are deemed dangerous”, the Vice Prime Minister Gennadiy Zubko said. The commission started operating on March 6. According to Zubko the Stepnaya…

Russia: Taltech to increase coal output

The authorities of the Kemerovo region and the Taltech group have signed an agreement on the socio-economical cooperation in 2017. This year Taltech intends to increase coal output by 13.5%, to 4.2 million tons. Investments of 300 million rubles will be spent on engineering and construction of enterprises as well as the purchase of new…

Russia: steel structures output down in January-February 2017

In January-February Russia produced 580 thousand tons of steel structures and parts, down by 14.5% YoY.

According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, in February steel structures output increased by 18.8% YoY and by 14.8% MoM. (Ukrainian metal)