Ukraine: city mayors call on people’s deputies to raise scrap export duty

Ukraine is suffering from the drastic shortage of scrap. This has already affected output and the country economy, say Zaporozhye and Mariupol mayors in their letter to the parliament.

Ukraine: 30-euro scrap export duty is not enough

The Parliament committee on industrial policy has suggested imposing a scrap export duty on the level of 30 euro per ton.

Ukraine: ministry hurrying to give out scrap export quotas

On April 25, the Ministry of economical development and trade plans to give out another batch of ferrous scrap export quotas.

Ukraine: PFK ends 2015 with losses

In 2015 Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant received 224.15 million UAH of losses.

Ukraine: coke export-import in March 2016

In March 2016 Ukraine imported $10.61 million worth of coke, while exports totaled $2.66 million.

Ukraine: Interpipe changes board

The supervisory board of Interpipe Novomoskovsk Pipe Works has dismissed 2 members of the board and appointed 1 member.

Ukraine: Mariupol Port receives raw materials for 2 works

Mariupol Sea Trade Port has received a coastal cargo vessel with raw materials for Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works and Azovstal.

Ukraine: Ilyich Works to be renamed

The employees of the Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works want their company to be named after Zot Nekrasov.

Ukraine: DEMZ reelects CEO

Shareholders of Donetsk Electrometallurgical Plant have reelected Vladimir Nikitashev the company general director.

Ukraine: pig iron export-import in March 2016

In March Ukraine exported $21.47 million worth of pig iron, while imports reached $0.05 million.

Ukraine: ferronickel cost price up due to railroad tariff increase

The increase of the railroad tariffs has led to the increase of the ferronickel cost price at Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant.

Ukraine: UMCC profits in 2015

In 2015 United Mining and Chemical Company received 632 million UAH of net profits.

Ukraine: Evraz Sukhaya Balka output down in Q1 2016

In January-March Evraz halted its Sukhaya Balka Works temporarily because of the low demand for iron ore.

Ukraine: BF5 repaired at Zaporizhstal

Zaporizhstal has finished capital repairs of the blast furnace #5.

Ukraine: NPTZ reelects CEO

The supervisory board of Nikopol South Pipe Works has reelected Olga Gorbova the company general director.

Ukraine: steel pipes export-import in March 2016

In March Ukraine exported $34.98 million worth of steel pipes, while imports reached $10.67 million.

Ukraine: Ogneupornerud fires a supervisory board member

Shareholders of Ogneupornerud have dismissed one supervisor board member and appointed two more instead.

Ukraine: ferroalloys export-import in March 2016

In March Ukraine exported $53.79 million worth of ferroalloys, with imports on the level of $4.84 million.

Ukraine: PFK decreases gas consumption

Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant has finished switching its drying plant to pulverized coal.

Ukraine: new minister to decide on Volyn miners future

The newly appointed minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik has promised to visit Novovolynsk as he intends to keep the coal industry in the region.

Ukraine: Coal Energy S. A. ups coal output

In March Coal Energy S. A., owner of a number of assets in Ukraine, produced 25.63 thousand tons of coal, up 3.3 times YoY, or by 17.96 thousand tons.

Ukraine: Zaporozhkoks starts supplying coke gas to Zaporizhstal

Zaporozhkoks has started supplying coke gas to Zaporizhstal.

Ukraine: DTEK to sell its Russian assets

DTEK plans to sell its Obukhovskaya Mine Group and Donskoy Antrazit (Russia).

Ukraine: Azovstal starts constructing PCI machine

Metinvest is going to spend $17 million on construction of the pulverized coal injection machine in the blast furnace #4 of Azovstal, and plans to switch all blast furnace manufacture at the works from the expensive natural gas to pulverized coal fuel.

Ukraine: scrap procurement down in Q1 2016

In January-March Ukraine procured 614 thousand tons of scrap. That’s the lowest result for the past 20 years. And the first time that the procurement can’t meet the local demand.

Ukraine: PFK to keep nickel output on 2015 level

In 2016 Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant intends to keep nickel output on 2015 level.