Russia: Bekart-Lipetsk increases capacity

Bekart-Lipetsk LLC is starting the capacity increase project. Bekart started producing metal cord at its Lipetsk site in 2009. In 2013 the company began manufacturing steel fiber for construction. This September it was decided to increase cord capacity by 50%, to 35 thousand tons per year, and fiber – by 100%, to 40 thousand tons.…

Ukraine: Evraz out of UGOK shareholders

Metallotechnika LLC, a part of Evraz, and the owner of 25.7834% of Yuzhniy Mining and Processing Works, has ceased being a shareholder of the company. Metallotechnika has sold all of its shares. As of Q2, the major shareholders of UGOK were Strettonway Traders&Consultants Limited, Acretrend Holdings Limited и Mint Data Holdings Limited (all – Cyprus),…

Ukraine: Lvivugol officials fined for untimely filling in declarations

7 officials of the state enterprise Lvivugol have been accused of corruption by the Chervonograd local prosecutors.

Without any important reasons they have untimely filled in the declaration on income and possessions on the official site of the National agency on corruption. They have all been fined for 850 UAH each. (Ukrainian metal)