Russia: VTB buys 11 tons of gold in Yakutia in 2018

In 2018 VTB purchased 11.04 tons of gold and 3.42 tons of silver from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) extractors.

To prepare gold-extractors for the 2019 season, the bank has provided 2 billion rubles, up by 18% YoY.

This year VTB intends to buy 12 tons of gold and 4 tons of silver. (Ukrainian metal)

Kyrgyzstan: dependence on Kumtor to be reduced

Kyrgyzstan plans to reduce its dependence on Kumtor. According to representatives of the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use of Kyrgyzstan, it is necessary to increase production at such fields as Taldy-Bulak Levoberezhny, Ishamberberdi, Bozymchak, Kuru-Tegerek, Karakazyk, Jamgyr and Chaarat. In addition, it is planned to launch Jerooy project. According to preliminary data,…

Russia: Evraz Alardinskaya mined 1 million tons of coal

Since the start of the year the Alardinskaya mine of Evraz has extracted 1 million tons of coking coal.

The miners were developing the long face No. 6-1-20, put into operation in March.

Earlier the mines Uskovskaya and Yerunakovskaya-VIII have exceeded the 1-million tons output mark. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Izhstal improves rolled metal quality

Izhstal has installed a water decaling unit at the rolling mill-450.

It will improve the quality of metal products.

The unit has been assembled by the company specialists of Russian parts.

Mill-450 produces round, square and band rolled metal.

In 2018 the mill produced 135 thousand tons, up by 17% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VTPZ increases capacity

Volzhsky Pipe and Sections Works has put into operation a new pipe-welding machine 20-89 manufactured by DMC Tech Corporation. Now the company operates 7 mills. Water and gas pipeline pipe with the diameter of 20 and 25 mm has been added to the company product portfolio. The company has also mastered the manufacture of pipes…

Ukraine: CGOK buys quarry dump trucks

Central Mining and Processing Works has purchased two new 130-ton quarry dump trucks.

The machines can operate at the temperature from minus 50 degrees C to plus 50 C.

The power of their diesel engines is 1600 hp, and the volume is 50 liters. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: KULZ to produce wheels for new passenger planes

Kamensk-Uralsky Foundry Works intends to expand its product portfolio by adding aviation wheels.

For this the company is purchasing new machinery.

In particular, KULZ has purchased and commissioned a new turning lathe to produce large aviation wheels with a diameter of up to 1 meter. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Novaya extracts 75 kg of gold

Since the start of the washing season, the Novaya miners team has extracted 75 kg of gold. The company plan for this year is 75 kg. At present the company is carrying out additional prospecting works at the Tangrak site, the license for which was acquired last December. The company also intends to commission a…

Russia: Baldja gold output plan 55% fulfilled

In 2 months the Baldja miners team from Zabaikalye region has extracted 330 kg of alluvial gold. Last year the output in the corresponding period was 300 kg. This year the company is operating at 4 sites: Khamara, Khaylastun, Bayan-Zurga and Baldja. Alluvial season for the company started in May. The output target for the…

Russia: number of REMZ lenders growing

Ai2Vad (Moscow) has claimed over 80 million rubles from the Rostov Iron and Steel Works. The right of the company to demand the money is confirmed by the agreements on the assignment of rights dated 2015 and 2019. Yantarnoye company is demanding 14 million more. In June Nadezhda-VLM claimed over 26 million rubles form REMZ.…

Russia: Rusal places second bonds in 2019

Rusal has placed another tranche of 10-year bonds with maturity in 3.5 years at the Moscow Stock exchange with the nominal volume of 15 billion rubles. The interest rate was 8.6%. 37 requests have been received. In April Rusal placed the first tranche of bonds with the volume of 15 billion rubles for 10 years.…