Russia: Mechel shares grow by 8%

Mechel ordinary shares have grown in price by 8.47% at the Moscow Stock Exchange. The cost of a share was 93.77 rubles, with the peak at 94.3 rubles. In the first days of the Stock Exchange operation in January, Mechel shares became 60% more expensive – 99.6 rubles on January 8 as opposed to 63.14…

Kazakhstan: steel output up in 2019

In 2019 Kazakhstan produced 4.463 million tons of steel, up by 11.4% YoY. At the same time, rolled metal manufacture dropped by 20%, to 2.036 million tons. According to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of the National Economy, Kazakhstan produced 2.217 million tons of ferroalloys, up by 6.2%. (Ukrainian metal)