Ukraine: coal export-import in January-May 2017

In January-May Ukraine imported $1.036 billion worth of coal, up 2-fold YoY. According to the State Fiscal Service, the major suppliers were Russia (52%), USA (25.5%) and Canada (7%). In particular Russia supplied $538.9 million worth of coal, up from $363.8 million, USA – $264.5 million, up from $83.8 million, and Canada – $72.8 million.…

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor output up in January-May 2017

In January-May Zaporozhogneupor produced 41.356 thousand tons of refractories, up by 2% YoY.

In May output increased by 8% YoY, to 8.912 thousand tons.

Zaporozhogneupor is the largest manufacturer of refractory products and materials in Ukraine. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: Trading House MMK doubles sales

Since the beginning of 2017 the Trading House MMK LLC has sold over 75 thousand tons of rolled metal in Kazakhstan, up 2-fold YoY. The company has long and successfully been operating on the Kazakhstan market, increasing sales. In May the company sold its record volume of metal – 20 thousand tons. Trading House MMK…

Russia: Irkutsk region obtains 5.4 tons of gold

In January-May Irkutsk region obtained 5431.42 kg of gold, with 1126.58 kg being alluvial gold, and the rest (4304.84 kg) ore gold.

In January-April the region yielded 3704 kg of gold.

This year the target is 21277 kg of gold, down by 2 tons YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: scrap export-import in January-May 2017

In January-May Ukraine exported 101.86 thousand tons of ferrous scrap, down by 50.7% YoY, valued at $21.586 million, down by 40.5%. According to the State Fiscal Service, scrap imports increased by 18.2%, to 11.954 thousand tons valued at $10.248 million, up 3.6-fold. The main suppliers of scrap were Turkey (84.25%), Moldova (7.9%) and Russia (4.18%),…

Ukraine: Lvivugol miners to be paid 34.5 million UAH of salary debt

On June 7 Lvivugol received 34.5 million UAH for the sale of coal.

All the money was spent to clear April salary debt to miners.

Earlier the miners informed of the intention to block the international Lviv – Rava-Russkaya road if they were not paid salary for April. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: ferrous exports earnings up in January-May 2017

In January-May Ukraine increased earnings from ferrous metals exports by 24.5% YoY, to $3.378 billion. According to the State Fiscal Service, ferrous metals accounted for 19.59% of all export revenue (19.81% in January-May 2016). In May ferrous exports brought $737.999 million. At the same time, according to the customs statistics, Ukraine increased imports of ferrous…