Ukraine: the state owes 1 billion UAH to miners

Salary debts to state miners now total 1 billion UAH.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: scrap (grade 3a), May 2015

Ukraine to start importing coal again

Ukrainian government says it plans to start buying coal from the South African Republic and Kazakhstan again, to live through the next heating season.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: scrap (grade 2a), May 2015

Ukraine: May 2015 sees iron ore output down

In May Ukraine produced 6703 thousand tons of iron ore and iron ore concentrate, down by 1.4%, or by 92 thousand tons, MoM.

Ukraine: government to give 2 billion UAH to buy coal

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to give 2 billion UAH to energy companies to buy coal.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: concentrate, May 2015

Ukraine: DSS output up in May 2015

In May Dneprospetsstal produced 23.68 thousand tons of steel, up by 7.4% MoM. Rolled metal output increased by 1.2%, to 14.47 thousand tons, also MoM.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: pellets, May 2015

Ukraine: Sukhaya Balka to remain on 2014 levels

Evraz Sukhaya Balka plans to keep 2014 iron ore mining levels.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: sinter ore, May 2015

Ukraine: DTEK coal mining down in Q1 2015

In the first quarter of 2015 companies of DTEK mined 6.8 million tons of coal, down by 34.6% YoY.

Ukraine: Metallurgists Federation ups scrap export duties

Ukrainian Federation of Metallurgists supports the rise of ferrous metals scrap exports duty to 30 euro per ton.

Ukraine: Gorlovka coalmines destroyed

According to the ex-head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Sergey Taruta, flooded mines of Gorlovka and Artemovsk are beyond repair.

Ukraine: pig iron output up in May 2015

In May Ukraine produced 1932 thousand tons of pig iron, up by 13.1%, or by 224 thousand tons, MoM.

Ukraine: ArcelorMittal not to sell AMKR

Despite the non-profitability of its business in Ukraine ArcelorMittal is not going to sell its Kriviy Rih works.

Ukraine: rolled metal output up in May 2015

In May Ukraine produced 1853 thousand tons of rolled metal, up by 11.6%, or by 193 thousand tons, MoM.

Ukraine: Yenakievo to produce new rebar type

Yenakievo Iron and Steel Works started producing a new type of 22, 25 and 28 mm plain reinforcement bar.

Ukraine: steel output up in May 2015

In May Ukraine produced 2175 thousand tons of steel, up by 13.4%, or by 257 thousand tons, MoM.

Ukraine: titanium ore supplied to Russia

Ukraine started supplying titano-ferrite to Russia. The titanium ore is supplied to Russia’s VSMPO-AVISMA from Volnogorsky Mining and Processing Works, the press service of VSMPO-AVISMA said. The first lot of titano-ferrite has already been received.

Ukraine: Interpipe Steel on halt due to scrap shortages

Ukrainian metal companies have been suffering from scrap shortages for five months in a row.

Ukraine: metal companies to halt without VAT reimbursement

According to the Ukrainian Federation of Metallurgists, the state owes 7 billion UAH of unpaid VAT to the mining-metallurgical complex of Ukraine.

Ukraine: coal mining down in January-May 2015

In January-May Ukrainian companies mined 15958.4 thousand tons of ordinary coal, down by 53.7%, or by 18482.3 thousand tons YoY.