Ukraine: coal ministry to privatize Krasnolimanskaya soon

The Ministry for energy and coal industry has almost completed the list of objects that it seems necessary to be sold. Among them is the state enterprise Krasnolimanskaya Coal Company.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal has no work for migrants

Zaporizhstal doesn’t employ migrants from the temporarily occupied territories, said the Zaporozhye region job center director Irina Dudnik.

Ukraine: Khartsyzsk Pipe Works cut for scrap

Employees of the Khartsyzsk Pipe Works (KhTZ) went on a strike protesting against the closing and disassembly of the works.

Ukraine: Metinvest to halt Zaporizhstal

Metinvest, owner of the number of Ukrainian works, including Zaporizhstal, threatens to stop them.

Ukraine: AMKR CEO becomes a member of the EBA

Paramjit Kahlon, the ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih CEO, has been elected a member of the European Business Association.

Ukraine: VostGOK uranium purchases info negated

Nikolai Martynenko, the head of the Parliament Committee on the Fuel and Energy Complex, has negated the information that Vostochy Mining and Processing Works has been buying uranium via a fake Austrian firm.

Ukraine: miners negotiation with coal minister failed

Miners union is displeased with the meeting with the minister for energy and coal industry Vladimir Demchyshin.

Ukraine: black coal consumption up in October 2015

In October Ukraine consumed 4.56 million tons of black coal, up by 13.4% MoM.

Ukraine: Lvivugol expects 900 million UAH

In 2016 Lvivugol could receive 436 million UAH for mines modernization and 480 million UAH for coal cost price covering.

Ukraine: coal output up in October 2015

In October Ukraine mined 2.7 million tons of black coal, up by 17.7% YoY.

Ukraine: Energoatom wants VostGOK uranium sales checked

The head of the Energoatom state enterprise Yuri Nedashkovski asks the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to check the information about VostGOK abuse when selling uranium to the company.

Ukraine: steel output down in October 2015

In October Ukraine produced 999 thousand tons of steel, without continuous cast semi-finished products, down by 4.5% YoY.

Ukraine: metal industry to suffer from Russian embargo

Russian embargo on Ukrainian products will mostly affect agriculture and metal sector.

Ukraine: metal output down in January-October 2015

In January-October Ukraine decreased its industrial output by 15.4% YoY.

Ukraine: Metinvest and DTEK talks with creditors going slow

Metinvest negotiations with its creditors about the $3 billion debt restructuring are slow and ineffective, say the banks.

Ukraine: VostGOK unable to buy electricity for December 2015

Vostochny Mining and Processing Works wasn’t able to buy 15.31 million kWh for December.

Ukraine: coal industry to receive more subventions

The parliament has registered a decree to pay all debts and salaries to the state coal miners.

Ukraine: DTEK Ternovskoye Mine Group starts new long face

The new long face with 1.2 million tons of coal has been opened at DTEK Ternovskoye Mine Group. This will provide the miners with 2 years of work and 6 Ukrainian thermal electric stations with fuel.

Ukraine: ISD hoping for smooth debt settlement with Reachcom

The Industrial Union of Donbass (ISD) corporation doesn’t expect an aggressive recovery of its $60 million debt on behalf of the Cyprus-based Reachcom Limited, after the Ukrainian courts acknowledged the writ of the London International Arbitrary Court.

Ukraine: DTEK coal output down in January-September 2105

In January-September DTEK companies mined 21.4 million tons of coal, down by 25.6% YoY. Ordinary coal processing totaled 14.7 million tons, while concentrate manufacture fell to 8.9 million tons.

Ukraine: DMKD saved from halt

Implementation of the pulverized coal at Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works named after Dzerzhinsky blast furnaces prevented the halt of the company, says the Industrial Union of Donbass (ISD) executive director Maxim Zavgorodny.

Ukraine: steel consumption down in 2014

Last year Ukraine consumed 4.8 million tons of steel, down by 24% as compared with 2005.

Ukraine: ISD notices considerable steel price fall

In Q4 global market steel prices have fallen considerably.

Ukraine: working hours and wages down in Metinvest

Mariupol Ilyich and Azovstal Iron and Steel Works have switched to the policy of economy.

Ukraine: ZTMK chooses design surveyor

Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Works, a part of Group DF, has chosen the Institute of mining and chemical industry (Lviv) to carry out design and survey work for reconstruction of a part of spongy titanium manufacture and assembling site.

Ukraine: Stakhanov miners on strike

Workers from the mine named after Stakhanov in Donetsk region have gone on strike demanding the payment of the indebted salary.