Ukraine: Luhansk terrorists appoint provisional administration at AMK

On December 19 the terrorist organization of the Luhansk People’s Republic, created and supported by Russia, decided to appoint provisional administration at the Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works. “The decision has been taken due to the transport, power and economic blockade. The AMK idleness results in the negative influence on the machinery, the destruction of…

Russia: Dalur uranium output up in 2017

Dalur is leading among the mining companies of Rosatom in uranium output. According to the company CEO Nikolai Poponin, in 2017 Dalur is expected to produce 592.3 tons of yellow cake, up by 0.1% YoY. The company has drilled 242 shafts and its reserves have increased by 667 tons of uranium. “We have improved the…

Russia: NZMK produces over 4 thousand tons of welded trusses and columns

In Q3 Novinsky Metal Structures Works produced 4130 tons of welded trusses and columns.

The trusses have been manufactured for the Moscow region construction companies.

The company used metal of various grades depending on the order and the usage of trusses. (Ukrainian metal)