Russia: CherMK energy resources consumption down in January-September 2019

In January-September Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works decreased energy resources consumption compared with the nine months of 2018. Thus, the company was able to save 156 million rubles. In particular, electricity consumption decreased by 17.6 million kW-h, fuel – by 12.5 thousand tons and oxygen – by 19.7 million cubic meters. Energy consumption at CherMK…

Ukraine: metal and mining products railroad transportation in January-September 2019

In January-September Ukrzaliznytsia increased iron and manganese ore transportation by 3.5% YoY, to 51.8 thousand tons. According to the State Statistics Service, ferrous scrap transportation dropped by 17.7%, to 1.8 thousand tons. Transportation of ferrous metals decreased by 2.9%, to 14.6 thousand tons, and coke – by 9.2%, to 3.3 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)