Ukraine: metal consumption, export and import down in January-September 2015

In January-September Ukrainian metal companies decreased their domestic sales by 21.7% YoY, to 1.96 million tons (13.1% of the total output) from 2.5 million tons (13.3%) in January-September 2014.

Ukraine: metal output down in January-November 2015

Ukraine’s steel production fell by 17% in 11 months, to 21 million tons, mostly due to the military conflict in the east of the country where most of its steel plants are based.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: reinforcement steel (ordinary steel), October 2015

Ukraine: Metinvest to supply iron ore to Alchevsk and Donetskstal

Metinvest supplies iron ore raw materials to Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works and Donetskstal.

Ukraine: Metinvest CEO waves monopoly accusations

Metinvest group CEO Yuri Ryzhenkov said it was at least incorrect to speak about monopoly on the iron ore raw materials market of Ukraine.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal appoints Zhuk chief engineer

Zaporizhstal has dismissed Vladimir Buryak from the office of the chief engineer and has appointed Andrei Zhuk instead.

Ukraine: DTEK Pavlogradskoye new long face to yield 800 thousand tons of coal

The state committee has put into operation a new long face at the Pavlogradskoye Mine Group with enough coal for 1.5 years.

Ukraine: Metinvest on Mariupol works capacities

At the moment the Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works operates at 75% of its capacities, while Azovstal – at 50%.

Ukraine: ferroalloys output down in October 2015

In October Ukraine produced 68.7 thousand tons of ferroalloys, down by 51.3%, or by 72.3 thousand tons MoM.

Ukraine: EMSS to produce billets for China

Energomashspetsstal will produce a batch of billets for Engine Components.

Ukraine: VAT reimbursement in November 2015

In November the major VAT receiver among mining-metallurgical companies was Azovstal with 560 million UAH.

Ukraine: DTEK Pervomayskoye Mine Group fulfills its coal-mining plan

In 2015 the mine group put four new long faces into operation.

Ukraine: Velta back in action

The District Administrative Court of Kiev has cancelled the State Geology Service order for Velta to stop operation.

Ukraine: Azovstal and Ilyich manufacturing processes to be integrated

Metinvest plans to unite Azovstal and Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, said a source from the city’s business circles.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal January-November 2015 results

In January-November Zaporizhstal noted an 8% rise in pig iron manufacture YoY.

Ukraine: Coal Energy S. A. gets losses in Q3 2015

In July-September Luxembourg-based Coal Energy S. A., owner of some coal-mining assets in Ukraine received $0.6 million of losses.

Ukraine: NZF output down in October 2015

In October Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant produced 3.1 thousand tons of ferromanganese, down by 45.6%, or by 2.6 thousand tons MoM.

Ukraine: metal companies increase losses in January-September 2015

In January-September Ukrainian metal companies increased their unrecovered losses 3 times, to 31.2 billion UAH, said Metallurgprom.

Ukraine: Metinvest to settle VAT matters with Fiscals

Metinvest hopes for constructive negotiations with the State Fiscal Service as to the paying of VAT debts.

Ukraine: DTEK to restructure its eurobonds

DTEK has announced its eurobonds holders that it planned to restructure its obligations in Q1 2016.

Ukraine: ZTMK claims 43.9 million UAH VAT debt

Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Works, a part of Group DF, claims the state owes it 43.9 million UAH of VAT.