Ukraine: rolled metal output up in September 2016

In September Ukraine produced 1743 thousand tons of rolled metal, up by 0.9% MoM, or by 15 thousand tons.

According to Ukrmetallurgprom, in January-September rolled metal output went up by 7.6% YoY, or by 1145 thousand tons, to 16125 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: pig iron output down in September 2016

In September Ukraine produced 1863 thousand tons of pig iron, down by 6.4% MoM, or by 98 thousand tons.

According to Ukrmetallurgprom, in January-September pig iron output increased by 11.2% YoY, or by 1799 thousand tons, to 17799 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: ferrous scrap export-import in September 2016

In September Ukraine imported $0.87 million worth of ferrous scrap, with no exports.

According to the State Fiscal Service, the main supplier of ferrous scrap in September was Turkey ($0.84 million).

In January-September Ukraine exported $40.99 million worth of scrap, while imports totaled $5.77 million. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EMSS to produce rolls for AM works in Belgium

Energomashspetsstal will produce 5 supporting rolls with the total weight of 158.7 tons for iron and steel works of ArcelorMittal in Belgium.

According to the company statement, the rolls will be used in cold- and hot-rolling mills of AM Liege and AM Gent.

EMSS will have to supply the rolls in Q1 2017. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VTB position on Mechel debt irrational

Russia’s second lender VTB’s position that the debt of metals producer Mechel should be unified is not really rational, a member of the company’s board of directors Alexander Shokhin reported. Mechel earlier agreed to restructure $5.1 billion out of its $6.2 billion debt, including about $1 billion of debts to VTB. In September, First Deputy…

Russia: Nornickel and Societe Generale to develop strategic cooperation

Norilsk Nickel and Societe Generale signed an agreement on strategic cooperation. General Memorandum was signed by Nornickel President Vladimir Potanin and Societe Generale CEO Frederic Oudea. The memorandum provides for an important expansion of the partnership between Nornickel and Societe Generale. It includes the whole range of commercial and investment banking services, including capital markets,…

Russia: aluminum output up in January-September 2016

In January-September Russia increased primary aluminum output by 1.5% YoY, with its alloys – by 11.3%.

According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, aluminum rods and sections output went up by 2.5%, of plates, sheets, strips and bars – by 12.3%, but aluminum foil production dropped by 11.5%, all YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Rotterdam+ formula not working

The minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik said that the Rotterdam+ formula was not working in Ukraine. “At present coal on the Rotterdam exchange costs around $74 per ton. If we add transport, unloading and the rest, it would be 2.3-2.4 thousand UAH per ton, and not 1.39 thousand UAH, according to the…

Ukraine: titanium company hit by sanctions

Dmitry Firtas’ Titanoviye Investicii Company has been affected by sanctions imposed by Ukraine on Russian companies and individuals. The company was registered in June 2014 in Moscow. After the Crimea was annexed by Russia Firtas had to adapt to Russian legislation to avoid the loss of Crimean assets, so the businessman decided to move some…

Ukraine: Rusal falls under sanctions

Ukraine has imposed sanctions on Rusal and its offshore company Judson Trading Limited (Cyprus), according to the Presidential decree. The sanctions have been imposed following the companies’ activities, which pose a threat to the national security and prevent the stable economical development. In particular, Rusal has been accused of blocking assets, limiting trade operations in…