Russia: gold output down in June 2018

Russia’s production of finished, semi-finished, and powdered gold fell by 13% YoY but rose by 26.5% MoM in June, the Federal State Statistics Service said in a report. In January-June gold production decreased by 1.2% YoY. Previously, absolute figures on production of non-ferrous metals were a state secret. The figures are no longer classified, but…

Russia: Electrozinc output up in H1 2018

In January-June Electrozinc fulfilled zinc manufacturing plan by 101.5%. According to preliminary data, sales are expected on the level of 2863 million rubles, up from 2507 million rubles in H1 2017, and net income – 330 million rubles (252.388 million rubles). Payments to all budgets will reach 564 million rubles. In H1 the company produced…

Russia: ferrous metals deliveries to railroad machine-building companies up in H1 2018

In June, according to the railroad statistics, direct deliveries of ferrous metals to the enterprises of the railroad machine-building industry reached 137.2 thousand tons.

This is by 57.4% more YoY.

In January-June deliveries grew by 21.7% YoY, to 760.8 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UGMK increases purchases from UMZ

Uralmashzavod will supply the sixth EKG-18 excavator to Kuzbassrazrezugol, a part of UGMK. Since the beginning of the year the company has already received 3 excavators. Assembly of the two of them has begun. 3 more machines will have been supplied by the end of the year. EKG-18 is one of the most sought after…

Russia: Arkonik SMZ to increase output

The chairman of the Samara region Dmitriy Azarov has visited Arkonik SMZ, the largest manufacturer of aluminum semi-finished products in Russia. The company manufactures unique products – light-alloyed drilling pipes, parts for the newest Russian aircraft MS-21, as well as the first in Russia aluminum hoppers and bridges. In 2016 the company underwent modernization, the…

Russia: MMK launches new sludge enrichment plant

A new plant for the enrichment of sludge at sludge depository No. 2 has been launched at PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works’ (MMK) ore-dressing workshop. This will allow the company to increase the share of its own iron ore materials in sinter production’s burden, but also to significantly decrease its industrial impact on the…

Ukraine: ULK gets new CEO

Alexander Zakharov, ex-director of the tool-mechanical shop of the Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Works, has been appointed the CEO of the Ukrainian Casting Company LLC. Zakharov has replaced Valeriy Kotikov, who has been chairing the company since June 2015. The new director sees the priority in the increase of output to 120 tons of castings per…

Russia: Sibcable output up in H1 2018

In January-June Sibcable increased cable output by 40% YoY.

In particular, the company produced 530 km of power cables.

Control cable output grew 2.5-fold, to 17.6 thousand km. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ferrous metals deliveries to agriculture machinery manufacturers down in H1 2018

In June direct supplies of ferrous metals to the major agriculture manufacturers via railroad totaled 12.5 thousand tons.

This is 5.9% less than in June 2017.

In January-June deliveries decreased by 15% YoY, to 79.4 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: metal output up in Volgograd region

In January-May the metal industry of the Volgograd region demonstrated positive dynamics. In particular, alloyed steel output increased by 1.6% YoY, pipes, sections and fittings – by 16.6%. Metal companies transferred 1.1 billion rubles of taxes to the regional budget, up by almost 20% YoY. The average salary in the industry totaled 41.2 thousand rubles,…

Russia: KrAMZ to produce spare parts for domestic limousines

Krasnoyarsk Iron and Steel Works has started producing spare parts for the Aurus project, the range of Russian limousines.

This year the company will produce 8.5 tons of spare parts.

The sales of the cars are expected to start in 2019 with some 50-70 units per year. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rusolovo output up in H1 2018

In January-June Rusolovo mined 114.776 thousand tons of ore, up by 199% YoY. Tin concentrate output reached 361 tons, up by 62%. Pravourminskoye LLC yielded 65% of the tin concentrate, and the rest was provided by the Tin Ore Company. This year the company intends to mine 286.446 thousand tons of ore and produce 1600…

Russia: MMK-Metiz puts new machinery into operation

MMK-Metiz has commissioned a new machine to produce ropes and wire.

The first stage of the machine will produce high-carbon wire and steel ropes with the total capacity of over 43 thousand tons per year.

The cost of the project is 1.5 billion rubles.

The second stage will be commissioned in Q4. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Nornickel allowed to expand Mayak mine

The project to construct underground mine Mayak has been approved by the State expertise service.

The mine will be able to yield 1 million tons of copper-nickel ore per year.

The project provides for underground operation only.

The construction will be financed by Nornickel itself. (Ukrainian metal)