Russia: Zabaikalye mines 1077 tons of tungsten

In January-August Zabaikalye region mined 1077 tons of tungsten, down by 9.3% YoY. Two companies mine for tungsten in the region: Novoorlovsky Mining and Processing Works and Bom-Gorkhonsky Mine LLC. Novoorlovsky GOK provided for 96% of the total tungsten output, with Bom-Gorkhonsky Mine yielding just 4%. In 2016 the region obtained 1700 tons of tungsten,…

Russia: Kuzbass mines 159.5 million tons of coal

According to the regional department of coal industry the output is up by 11.3 million tons, or by 7.6% YoY. Coking coal share is 41.9 million tons, power-generating coal – 117.6 million tons. Razrez Kiyzasskiy LLC increased output by 1.9 million tons, Stroyservis – by 1.4 million tons, Kuzbassrazrezugol – by 1.3 million tons, Raspadskaya…

Russia: Magadan region yields 21 tons of precious metals

As of today Magadan region has obtained over 21 tons of precious metals (gold as well as silver, calculated into gold), up by 3 tons YoY.

Alluvial share is 12 tons, and ore share – 9 tons.

This year the region has to provide 31 tons of precious metals. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: AMK gets new director

A new director has been appointed at Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works, situated in the pro-Russia militants-occupied territories. According to the Alchevsk journalist Oksana Sabardina, now residing in Zaporozhye, the new director is Alexei Smirnov, scientist-metallurgist. He is also a representative of the Russian owners of the works and the vice-president of Ukrainian Association of…

Russia: Severstal approves dividends for H1 2017

At an extraordinary meeting on September 15 Severstal shareholders approved of dividends for January-June 2017 in the volume of 22.28 rubles per ordinary share.

According to the company statement, the registry will be closed on September 26.

Earlier shareholders approved dividends for Q1 in the amount of 24.44 rubles per share. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: TMK works get InterGazCert certificates

4 works of the Russian Pipe Metallurgical Company have received quality management certificates in Gazprom’s voluntary certification system InterGazCert. In particular, the certificates have been granted to Volzhsk, Seversk and Sinarsky Pipe Works as well as Taganrog Iron and Steel Works. The certificates confirm the works’ quality management systems correspondence to Gazprom standards, the ability…

Tajikistan: TALCO to be completely modernized

TALCO intends to increase aluminum capacities to 300 thousand tons per year by 2020. According to a company representative Igor Sattarov, it has all the possibilities of reaching the goal thanks to the current economical situation, positive market prospects and implementation of the new aluminum manufacture technique. Previously TALCO capacity was 600 thousand tons of…

Russia: Kandalaksha port exports 1 million tons of coal

Kandalaksha Sea Trade Port keeps increasing coal throughput.

Since the beginning of the year the port has exported over 1 million tons of coal, up 3-fold YoY.

This year the port has serviced 38 vessels and over 14 thousand open wagons. (Ukrainian metal)