Ukraine: Pavlogradugol machines destroyed in fire

The automobile base of Pavlogradugol caught fire.

The fire has almost completely destroyed 17 automobiles.

In particular, according to the emergency service message, 9 buses and 8 cars were destroyed.

The fire covered the size of 900 square meters.

There were no casualties. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Raspadskaya starts using drones

Raspadskaya Coal Company has put 2 unmanned flying vehicles in operation. They will increase the safety and speed of mining operations, as well as the precision of calculations. During a 30-minute flight the drone can take 500 pictures. The maximum height of the quadrocopter filming is 500 meters. The new drones can operate under complex…

Russia: Karabashmed repairs machinery

Karabashmed has carried out scheduled repairs of its chemical and metallurgical machinery. All the planned work was performed in full and according to the schedule. From the moment of the complete halt of the process till the start of the furnace warming, only 9 hours elapsed. In the metal shop the company repaired the main…

Russia: Petropavlovsk gold reserves up in 2017

Petropavlovsk Plc, which extract gold from 4 mines, in 2017 increased JORC gold reserves by 8% YoY, or by 670 thousand ounces. The company resources grew by 6%, or by 1.17 million ounces. According to the company statement, the resources and reserves grew due to the successful prospecting at the Pioner and Albyn deposits. As…