Russia: Amur obtains 14.3 kg of platinum

In May the diggers’ team Amur obtained 14.3 kg of platinum. Last month the enterprise washed 31 thousand cubic meters of sand. Rusty platinum output totaled 16 kg. This year the enterprise operates at the Uorgalan alluvial site. Last year Amur operated at the Konder site, having obtained 1274 kg of platinum, down by 17%…

Russia: NLMK-Kaluga sales via railroad up in May 2018

In May NLMK-Kaluga shipped 102 thousand tons of rolled metal via railroad, up by 19% MoM, but down by 8.2% YoY.

In January-May railroad sales totaled 463.3 thousand tons, up by 13.8% YoY.

Deliveries to domestic customers reached 175.8 thousand tons, up by 17.1%, while exports – 287.4 thousand tons, up by 11.8%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChTPZ decreases sales in May 2018

In May Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant decreased railroad sales by 1.9% YoY and by 10% MoM, to 101.5 thousand tons. In January-May sales grew by 23.2%, to 560.8 thousand tons, with deliveries to domestic customers up by 53.2%, to 450.6 thousand tons, while exports dropped by 31.6%, to 110.2 thousand tons. In April ChTPZ increased…

Ukraine: state mines to be checked

Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman intends to initiate inspection of state coalmines. According to him, state mines are now subsidized from the budget because of the difference in price of coal mining and its sales. This year the budget envisions 900 million UAH for state mines, but these funds have already been spent. “We understand that…

Russia: AGMK to process gold at the territory of rapid development

Far East Development Corporation and Amur Hydrometallurgical Works LLC have signed an agreement to process gold at the Komsomolsk territory of rapid development. The company intends to create the first in Russia hydrometallurgical complex to process refractory (rebellious) and twice-refractory gold and silver-containing concentrates, using the technique of the pressure oxidation. The project is estimated…

Ukraine: ex-official buys 2 old mines in Russia

E.Connect assets, one of the co-owners of which is the Ukrainian ex-official Vladimir Zinevich, has purchased 2 mines in Gukovo (Rostov region, Russia) – Zamchalovskaya and Rostovskaya. The reserves of the Zamchalovskaya mine are 27.45 million tons of anthracite. The capacity of the mine is 1 million tons per year. The reserves of the Rostovskaya…

Russia: ChTPZ to supply LDP for Gazprom strategic projects

Gazprom chairman Alexei Miller and Chelyabinsk Pipe Works chairman Andrei Komarov discussed cooperation.

In particular, they spoke of the large diameter pipe supplies.

They also discussed development of pipes for sea deposits and new types of joints.

The companies have a program of cooperation in 2015-2020. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: SUMZ repairs Vanyukov furnace

Sredneuralsky Copper Smelting Works has put into operation the Vanyukov furnace No. 1 after capital repairs.

The project envisioned the repair of the metallic frame of the furnace, loading tract, matte and slag mixers, refractory lining, etc.

SUMZ repairs furnaces every two years.

Thus, each year one of the SUMZ furnaces is repaired. (Ukrainian metal)