Ukraine: DTEK miners to work two days a week

On the eve of the Miners Day DTEK Dobropolyeugol employees found out their working week had been shortened to just 2 days.

Ukraine: metal output down in January-August 2015

In January-August Ukrainian metal companies produced 15.04 million tons of steel, down by 24% YoY.

Ukraine: Ceramet deliveries to Poland and Hungary up in H1 2015

In January-June Ceramet, a leading scrap procuring company in Ukraine, increased its deliveries of scrap to Poland and Hungary 2.4 times YoY, to 241.08 thousand tons.

Ukraine: DMKD to pay its 13 million UAH debt to Dneprodzerzhinsk

Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works named after F. Dzerzhinsky (DMKD) has to pay the city it is situated in 13 million UAH as the participation in the development of the city infrastructure.

Ukraine: Metinvest completes final drawdown under EUR 25 million loan

Metinvest B.V. (the Netherlands), the parent’s company of the international vertically integrated mining and metal company Metinvest, has announced that it has completed the final drawdown under a EUR 25 million 10-year buyer credit facility covered by Euler Hermes Deutschland AG, the German export credit insurance agency (the ECA).

Ukraine: Centravis passes OHSAS and ISO audits

Centravis Production Ukraine has successfully passed the annual environmental and industrial safety audit according to OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004.

Ukraine: Krasnoarmeyskugol dropped Rodinskaya mine

The management of State Enterprise Krasnoarmeyskugol has asked the Ministry for Energy and Coal Industry to remove the Rodinskaya mine from its list.

Ukraine: SPF looking for ZALK CEO

The State Property Fund of Ukraine has announced a contest for a vacancy of the Zaporozhye Aluminum Works CEO.

Ukraine: Azovstal confirms railroad quality

Azovstal Iron and Steel Works railroad fasteners have received approval of Skinest Baltija.

Ukraine: Yasinovskaya-Glubokaya mine gave the first coal

The restored 5th Western lava of the Yasinovskaya-Glubokaya mine (Mine Group named after Kirov) yielded its first coal. Lava was prepared last summer. But because of the military activity in the mine vicinity in August-September 2014 the mine was left without electricity and some ends were flooded.

Ukraine: Chinese stock exchange crisis to hit metal export revenues

The President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko says the fall at the Chinese stock exchange will affect Ukrainian metal export revenues.

Ukraine: the Netherlands up their share in Bagleykoks

Palmrose B. V. (the Netherlands), 100% controlled by Evraz, has increased its share in Evraz Bagleykoks from 94.4467% to 94.4584%.

Ukraine: Ilyich starts producing 65G plates

Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works has developed the techniques of 65G rolled plate (6-10 mm thickness) production.

Ukraine: metal sector decreases electricity consumption

In January-June electricity consumption in Ukraine decreased by 11.7% YoY.

Ukraine: Evraz works now owned by Metinvest

Dneprodzerzhinsk By-Product Coke Works (DKKHZ), owned by Evraz, is now managed by Rinat Akhmetov’s Metinvest.

Ukraine: Donetsk region export down 3 times in H1 2015

In January-June Donetsk region (without the Anti-terrorist operation zone) exported $1840.5 million worth of products, down 2.8 times YoY.

Ukraine: Azovstal rails used in Cuba railroad construction

In January-June Azovstal Iron and Steel Works, a part of the Metinvest group, supplied 4 thousand tons of R50 rails to Cuba.

Ukraine: metal output down in July 2015

In July Ukraine (without the temporary occupied Crimea and a part of the Anti-terrorist operation zone) produced 888 thousand tons of steel (without continuous casting semi-finished products), down by 20% YoY.

Ukraine: ZTMK not to give the state all the dividends

Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Works (ZTMK) participants on a meeting, in which the state enterprise “United Mining and Chemical Company” (UMCC) took part, decided on the dividend payments.

Ukraine: DTEK gets anthracite from ATO zone via new route

DTEK has made first deliveries of anthracite coal from the Anti-terrorist operation zone via a new railroad delivery route Nikotovka-Mayorskaya.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal to buy gas-cleaning machinery

Zaporizhstal has signed an agreement with the Berdichev Machine-Building Works “Progress” to produce and supply gas-cleaning units for 4 sintering machines ##3-6. The price of the units is 330 million UAH.

Ukraine: ZALK lost 100 million UAH worth of machinery

The State Safety Service of Ukraine has started the procedure about the illegal disassembly of the Zaporozhye Aluminum Works (ZALK) machinery.

Ukraine: Ilyich net profits down in H1 2015

In January-June Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, a part of the Metinvest group, received 302.82 million UAH of net profit, down by 35.9% YoY.

Ukraine: TPS lose coal

As of August 18th coal stocks at the thermal power stations decreased by 0.18%, or by 2.3 thousand tons, to 1277.8 thousand tons (including 573.9 thousand tons of anthracite and 25.05 thousand tons of fuel oil), as compared with August 17th.