Ukraine: Lvivugol miners to be paid 34.5 million UAH of salary debt

On June 7 Lvivugol received 34.5 million UAH for the sale of coal.

All the money was spent to clear April salary debt to miners.

Earlier the miners informed of the intention to block the international Lviv – Rava-Russkaya road if they were not paid salary for April. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: ferrous exports earnings up in January-May 2017

In January-May Ukraine increased earnings from ferrous metals exports by 24.5% YoY, to $3.378 billion. According to the State Fiscal Service, ferrous metals accounted for 19.59% of all export revenue (19.81% in January-May 2016). In May ferrous exports brought $737.999 million. At the same time, according to the customs statistics, Ukraine increased imports of ferrous…

Ukraine: ferroalloys exports up in January-May 2017

In January-May Ukraine exported 368.84 thousand tons of ferroalloys valued at $430.828 million, up by 4% and by 57.2% YoY respectively. According to the State Fiscal Service, the main importers were Turkey (25.87%), Italy (14.42%) and the Netherlands (10.04%). In 5 months Ukraine imported 24.447 thousand tons of ferroalloys valued at $53.017 million, up 2.1-fold…

Ukraine: increased scrap duty halves Russian HBI imports

In January-May Ukraine decreased imports of hot-briquetted iron from Russia by 97.8% YoY, to 980 tons. HBI is the scrap substitute in metal making.

According to the customs statistics of the State Fiscal Service, in money terms imports dropped by 96.1%, to $262 thousand.

All the imports came from Russia. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal raises wages

Zaporizhstal has increased wages of its employees by 20% since June 1.

According to the company statement, its wages are among the highest in the Ukrainian mining and metal industry.

Within the program of improving working conditions Zaporizhstal will invest some 4 million UAH in installing climate control systems all over the place. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Kimkano-Sutarsky GOK produces 600 thousand tons of iron ore concentrate

Since being put into operation Kimkano-Sutarsky Mining and Processing Works has produced 600 thousand tons of iron ore concentrate.

In May the works produced 125 thousand tons.

The company management expects it to reach its target capacity in summer. (Ukrainian metal)

Uzbekistan offers 29 mineral deposits to foreign investors

Uzbekistan has offered 29 deposits of strategically important solid minerals, including 12 gold deposits, to foreign investors for industrial development. In accordance with the Uzbek government’s decree, published in the national legislation database, investors were also invited to develop eight deposits of tungsten and three deposits of uranium, iron and lithium, each. In addition, potential…

Russia: stainless pipes imports down in 2016

In 2016 the share of stainless steel imports decreased to 40.3% from the record of 86.5% in 2007, while the seamless stainless pipes imports dropped to 33.5% from its highest in 2010 (63.8%). According to the Pipe industry development fund director Igor Malyshev, the decrease of imports resulted in the creation of pipe capacities in…

Russia: Evraz to supply long rails to railroads

Evraz and the Russian Railways have signed a memorandum on cooperation. According to the document Evraz will increase output of 100-meter rails. An additional manufacturing line will be assembled at Evraz ZMSK. And railroads will provide rolling stock to take all the rails produced. The memorandum creates the basis for the signing of a new…

Russia: OMK earnings down in 2016

In 2016 the consolidated earnings of the United Metallurgical Company totaled 140 billion rubles ($2.47 billion), down by 13% YoY. At the same time the company claims it has been able to receive high profit despite the decrease of large diameter pipe sales, as well as cleared a considerable part of its debt (56 billion…