Russia: steel exports down in January 2019

In January Russia exported 3.355 million tons of ferrous metals, down by 1.1% YoY. According to the Federal Customs Service, steel semi-finished products accounted for 1.306 million tons, up by 9.3% YoY. Flat rolled metal exports dropped by 10.5%, to 0.652 million tons. In monetary terms ferrous exports decreased by 6.6%, to $1.567 billion, with…

Ukraine: Metinvest starts shipping via Kherson port

Kherson Sea Trade Port has concluded an agreement and started working with the transport-expeditor company Metinvest-Shipping LLC.

The port has already exported the first batch of 9 thousand tons of rolled metal.

Metinvest-Shipping services cargo in the major ports of Ukraine, as well as transports it by railroad. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VSMPO-Avisma sales up in 2018

In 2018 VSMPO-Avisma received 89.069 billion rubles of revenue, up by 23% YoY. The sales profit grew by 40%, to 31.847 billion rubles.

The sales of spongy titanium increased by 17%, to 33.7 thousand tons, valued at 18.789 billion rubles, down by 2%.

EBITDA decreased by 1.4%, or by 989 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Polymetal gold output up in 2018

In 2018 Polymetal increased gold equivalent output by 9% YoY, to 1.562 million ounces.

Gold manufacture reached 1.216 million ounces, up by 13%.

Silver output fell by 6%, to 25.3 million ounces.

In 2019 Polymetal intends to produce 1.55 million ounces of gold and in 2020 – 1.6 million ounces. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Polymetal sales up in 2018

In 2018 Polymetal revenue increased by 4% YoY, to $1.88 billion. Gold sales reached 1.198 million ounces, up by 10%, while silver fell by 3%, to 25.7 million ounces. EBITDA went up by 5%, to $780 million. Net profit was $355 million, up by $1 million. Capital expenses dropped by 10%, to $344 million. The…

Russia: Rusal to invest $200 million in Tayshet construction

In 2019 Rusal intends to use $200 million of investments under the project to construct the Tayshet Aluminum Plant.

“We will continue construction. Tayshet is still our strategic project”, the company CEO Evgeniy Nikitin said.

Last year Rusal was building Tayshet with its own funds.

The new commission time is now Q4 2020. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChTPZ profit up in 2018

In 2018 the net profit of ChTPZ grew by 91.6% YoY, to 7.726 billion rubles, Gross profit increased by 18%, to 44.286 billion rubles, and EBITDA – by 19%, to 28.223 billion rubles. Revenue went up by 13%, to 178.84 billion rubles. The company net debt as of late 2018 was 68.4 billion rubles. The…

Russia: Vostoc-2 to extract 67 kg of alluvial gold

The Vostoc-2 miners team intends to extract 67 kg of alluvial gold this season.

In particular, the team will finish developing the Moiga site, though the license is valid until March 2022.

The team will also be developing the site at the Kuzkin Brook.

Last year the team extracted 64 kg of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: UGOK concentrate output up in February 2019

In February Yuzhniy Mining and Processing Works produced 985.5 thousand tons of concentrate, up by 7.6% YoY.

At the same time sinter manufacture dropped by 33.6%, to 105.9 thousand tons.

In January-February UGOK produced 2087.2 thousand tons of concentrate, up by 6% YoY. Sinter manufacture fell by 27.3%, to 211.6 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)