Ukraine: coal imports down in January-August 2016

In January-August power-generating companies of Ukraine imported $1.21 billion worth of coal, down by $902.2 million YoY. According to the State Fiscal Service, the largest suppliers of coal were Russia ($594.9 million), USA ($132.7 million) and Australia ($49.5 million). Earlier energy minister Igor Nasalik claimed Russian coal was not a priority for the ministry. (Ukrainian…

Ukraine: VAT reimbursement in August 2016

In August ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih received the largest VAT reimbursement among mining and metal companies – 440.6 million UAH. According to the State Treasury Service, the company is followed by the Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works (335.5 million UAH) and Azovstal (272.2 million UAH). Zaporizhstal received 223 million UAH, UGOK – 164.7 million UAH,…

Ukraine: SCM sells Kolosnikovskaya Factory

System Capital Management has sold almost 100% of the Kolosnikovskaya Central Processing Factory (situated in the Russia-supported terrorist-occupied territory of Donetsk region) to a Makeevka citizen Victor Chmilev. Chmilev has already replaced SCM representative in the supervisory board Alexander Onischenko. According to the board decision the general manager of the factory has also been replaced.…

Russia: PMKh net profits up in H1 2016

In January-June the Industrial-Metallurgical Holding received 4.51 billion rubles of net profits, up by 7.1% YoY. EBITDA dropped by 44.34%, to 4.52 billion rubles. PMKh decreased income by 3.76% YoY, to 28.28 billion rubles. In H1 the company mined 925 thousand tons of coking coal, down by 13% YoY. Coal concentrate output went up by…

Ukraine: long rolled metal export-import in July 2016

In July Ukraine exported $153.11 million worth of long rolled metal, with imports on the level of $11.47 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, the main consumer of Ukrainian long rolled metal in July was Russia ($20.13 million). In January-July Ukraine exported $974.49 million worth of long rolled metal, while imports totaled $79.88 million.…

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal starts BF3 construction

Zaporizhstal has started constructing blast furnace No. 3.

According to the company CEO Rostislav Shurma, the construction will last for 5 months. The blast furnace will contain 2 dust extraction machines and the gas-purifying machine. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Avellana Gold to mine polymetallic ores

Avellana Gold (Cyprus) intends to start mining polymetallic ores in Western Ukraine. “The management of the State geology service has recently had an official meeting with the American representatives of the company. The parties discussed main terms of mineral resources mining. The investor has acquired companies with licenses to mine and prospect polymetallic ores”, said…

Ukraine: Corum Group to increase KZGO capacity

Corum Group plans to increase industrial capacities of the Krivoy Rog Mining Machinery Works by 30%.

According to the group CEO Yakov Sidlyarenko, it also wants to buy boring machines for Svet Shakhtera Works (Kharkiv) enabling it to increase tunneling machine manufacture by 66%, to 20 units per year. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lisichanskugol director fired

The minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik has dismissed Alexei Potanin from the office of the acting general director of Lisichanskugol. According to the company statement, Potatin has been in the office since mid-June, following Boris Perepelitsa, who has been in charge for some 3 months. Lisichanskugol mines energy-generating coal and…

Ukraine: Interpipe Niko Tube to pay 1.2 billion UAH to Alfa-Bank

The Dniepropetrovsk Commercial Court of Appeals has refused to satisfy the appeal of Interpipe Niko Tube as to the decision of the Commercial Court of Dniepropetrovsk region of June 6.

According to the decree, the company being a guarantor has to pay Alfa-Bank 1.2 billion UAH of loan debt of Nizhnedneprovsk Tube Plant. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Vekselberg mulls buying Onexim stake in Rusal

Russian billionaire businessman Viktor Vekselberg is weighing the purchase of a stake in aluminum giant UC Rusal from Mikhail Prokhorov’s Onexim Group, Vekselberg said. The acquisition is being “seriously considered”, Vekselberg noted, declining to give any details on the terms of a potential deal. Onexim made informal approaches this year to sell its 17% stake…

Ukraine: miners see no money promised

The minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik has not cleared all the salary debts to state miners by the Miners’ Day. He promised to do this in mid-July. As of August 31, the employees of at least one mine haven’t received their salary, those of Novovolynskaya No. 10, who have blocked the road.…

Ukraine: Corum Group to enter Turkey, Iran and India markets

Corum Group is negotiating ways to enter markets of Turkey, Iran and India.

According to the company CEO Yakov Sidlyarenko, Corum Group’s current primary goal is to increase export sales in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Poland and Vietnam. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal output down in August 2016

In August Zaporizhstal decreased pig iron, steel and rolled metal output.

In particular, according to the company statement, it produced 297.3 thousand tons of pig iron, 322.2 thousand tons of steel and 275.1 thousand tons of rolled metal, down by 29 thousand tons, 27.5 thousand tons and 15.6 thousand tons YoY, respectively. (Ukrainian metal)