Russia: Kraft Group supplying rolled metal for Moscow subway construction

Kraft Group is carrying out regular deliveries of rolled metal for the construction of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line of the Moscow subway.

The metal is supplied to the construction sites from the Ramenki station to the Novoperedelkino station. The company supplies rebars, wire, mesh, pipes and shapes. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: 22 tons of gold exported in 2016

In 2016 Russia exported 22.4 tons of gold, down by 43% YoY, while the output remained on the previous year level. Though there is still no data on January-November 2016 output the Union of gold-miners expects the figure to be on the level of 295-297 tons. Central bank bought the most gold on the local…

Russia: metal prices up in January 2017

In January Russian manufacturers increased prices by 12.7% YoY. According to Rosstat, the highest increase was observed in iron ore prices – by 21.7%. Machinery and equipment for metal industry increased in price by 16.8%, quarrying machinery – by 15.8%. Copper prices went up by 6%, pig iron, steel and ferroalloys – by 4.6% on…

Russia: MMK to increase flat prices

Traders working with MMK report that the management of the company’s sales services plans to review the earlier announced March prices on flat rolled metal by increasing them by 2-3%. The increase is explained by the sharp rise of raw materials prices and the world market rolled metal price growth. The increase in prices for…

Kazakhstan: silver exports down in 2016

In 2016 Kazakhstan reduced exports of silver, however revenues grew and the country earned $584 million. Export volume in physical terms decreased by 8.8%, but in monetary terms it increased by 21.2%. In 2016 export of unprocessed or semi-finished silver and silver powder reached 1.17 thousand tons valued at $584.6 million. Kazakhstan’s main partner is…

Russia: Kuzbass coal output up in January 2017

In January Kuzbass region mined 18.7 million tons of coal, up by 6.3% YoY. According to the regional coal industry department, energy coal mining reached 13.3 million tons, up by 3.9% YoY, coking coal – 5.4 million tons, up by 12.5% YoY. SUEK-Kuzbass increased output by 0.6 million tons YoY, Kiyzassk and Novokuznetsk site of…

Russia: Yakovlevsky mine resumes operation

After a 6-months idleness Metal-group has resumed iron ore extraction at its Yakovlevsky mine in Belgorod region.

By March almost all employees have to be engaged in the work. Annual ore output is expected to increase to 100 thousand tons.

Since February 1, the operation started in limited volume, with 55% employees working. (Ukrainian metal)