Russia: coal exports up in January-November 2016

In January-November Russian coal exports climbed by 13.2% YoY, to 149,049,730 tons, the Ministry of Energy statistics reported.

In November coal exports totaled 13,833,700 tons.

Coal production in November reached 33,904,400 tons. (Portnews/Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Kurchenko gets control over Antrazit

Businessman Sergey Kurchenko, who is hiding from Ukrainian law-enforcing service in Russia, has gained control over the state enterprise Antrazit, situated on the Ukraine-uncontrolled territory of Lugansk region. In particular, the new general director of Antrazit is now Alexander Ermakov, connected with Kurchenko. Before that Antrazit was controlled by the terrorist-organization of Lugansk People’s Republic…

Ukraine: miners pensions to grow

The government has announced the increase of the miners pension by 351 UAH from December 1.

The minimal amount of pension will thus be 2652 UAH.

“In December miners will receive 351 UAH more in pensions”, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman said.

The pension will grow after the announced increase of the minimal salary. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EMSS produced rolls for Azovstal

Energomashspetsstal has produced and shipped a batch of rolls to the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works.

According to the contract, concluded in July, the company produced 120 tons of roll dies weighing 6-16 tons each.

By the year-end EMSS will have supplied 112 tons of such rolls more to Azovstal. (Ukrainian metal)

Kyrgyzstan: Solton-Sary mine yields 4.8 kg of gold in November 2016

In November 4.8 kg of gold were mined at Solton-Sary.

The mine has been efficiently operating since April. Gold output increases.

At present the mine employs 164 people. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK launches new green energy facility

NLMK Group, a vertically integrated international steel producer with operations in Russia, the EU and the USA, has successfully completed guarantee tests of the blast furnace No. 6 top pressure recovery turbine (TRT). The launch of the new unit brings the project for the introduction of green energy facilities at the Lipetsk site to a…