Kazakhstan: AMT produces 200 million tons of pig iron

On January 10 ArcelorMittal Temirtau produced the 200-millionth ton of pig iron.

The blast furnace No. 1 was put into operation on July 3, 1960.

At present the plant operates 3 blast furnaces employing 370 people in the shop. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: EZOTsM to cooperate with Algeria

Yekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Works is actively studying the African market in order to develop cooperation with local mining and processing companies. In December 2018, a company delegation visited Algeria. During the visit the company delegation met representatives of a refining plant, a mining company, National geological survey bureau, and mineral fertilizers manufacturer. “African countries…

Russia: SinTZ expands pipe machinery range

Sinarsky Pipe Works has commissioned new machinery to produce couplings of various sizes for high-strength pipes with Premium joints.

The VSC-400 SM coupling sleeve making machine (EMAG) has been assembled in the oil segment pipes shop.

This is the 8th machine. The previous 7 were commissioned in 2000-2015. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Chukotka gold output down in 2018

Gold production on Russia’s Chukotka peninsula decreased by 4.81% YoY, to 24.130 tons in 2018, an official at the regional industry policy, construction, and housing and utilities department reported on January 14. Placer gold output grew by 11%, to 2.583 tons. Output of Chukotka Mining and Geological Company, a unit of Kinross Gold, rose by…

Russia: Nizhnekamsk advanced development territory to produce painted rolled metal

The first resident of the Nizhnekamsk advanced development territory – Kamastal – has started operating. “On December 31, 2018 Kamastal produced its first painted sheet of coil steel”, the local authorities reported. The company became the resident in May last year. Investments in the project are estimated at 428 million rubles. And the capacity is…

Ukraine: UMCC to order half a billion UAH worth of transport services

The subsidiaries of the United Mining and Chemical Company have announced their intention to conclude 8 agreements with United Global Logistic LLC for the transportation services valued at 483.84 million UAH. This year Irshansk Mining and Processing Works is ordering railroad transportation and processing of cargo at 283.02 million UAH, and Volnogorsk Mining and Processing…

Russia: Kamchatskoye Zoloto becomes Kamchatka resident

Kamchatskoye Zoloto has become a resident of the territory of advanced development Kamchatka. The process has been carried out in stages. The company will carry out a project to modernize and develop Zolotoye, Kungurtsevskoye, Uglovoye and Baranievskoye gold deposits in 2019-2034. Some 2.15 billion rubles will be invested. In 10 years budgets of all levels…

Russia: Ural Steel output exceeds 2018 target

In 2018 Ural Steel exceeded its annual target on rolled metal manufacture having produced 0.9 million tons.

Pig iron output exceeded 3 million tons.

Continuous cast billet manufacture totaled 1.1 million tons.

At present the company is modernizing blast furnaces Nos. 2 and 3 to reach their maximum efficiency. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: AMKR commissions close loop cooling system of BOG Gas

In PJSC ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih, a complex of close loop BOF gas cooling for blast furnaces Nos. 4, 5, and 6 was commissioned. The company cost as of UAH 192 million. Within the project, the framework of existing pumping station No. 2-BIS was repaired, three expansion tank-accumulators, nine high-performance pumping units, six water-air heat exchangers,…