Ukraine: Nadra Ukrainy decreased income in 2014

In 2014 the National joint-stock company Nadra Ukrainy received 479 thousand UAH of net profit.

Ukraine: Babuskin Works ends 2014 with losses

In 2014 Dniepropetrovsk Metal Constructions Works named after Babushkin received 119.68 million UAH of losses.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: beams (structural steel), channel (structural steel), April 2015

Ukraine: steel production plummets to all-time lows amid war

Once the single largest source of hard currency, accounting for 38% of Ukraine’s export revenues in 2011, steel, iron ore and other metal exports have plummeted 24.5% since Russia’s war on Ukraine began last year.

Ukraine: Makeevka losses in 2014 go sky-high

In 2014 Makeevka Metal Works (Donetsk region) received 1142.36 million UAH of losses.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: hot-rolled coils (ordinary steel), April 2015

Ukrainian export prices are down by $10, Russian – by $10-15.

Ukraine: DSS to cut steel output

Dneprospetsstal (DSS) has announced steelsmelting decrease to 79128 tons in January-April, down by 14.6% YoY.

Ukraine: Novotroitskoye Mine Group triples profits

In 2014 Novotroitskoye Mine Group received 55.53 million UAH of net profit.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: hot-rolled plate (ordinary steel), April 2015

Export prices are up by $90-100.

Ukraine: Vatutino Refractories goes from profits to losses

In 2014 Vatutino Refractory Works (Cherassy region) received 11.54 million UAH of losses.

Ukraine: DFDC quadruples profits in 2014

In 2014 Dokuchaevsk flux-dolomite complex (DFDC, Donetsk region) received 83.37 million UAH of profits.

Ukraine: iron ore concentrate output up in April 2015

In April Ukraine produced 6795 thousand tons of iron ore and iron ore concentrate, up by 1.2%, or by 81 thousand tons, MoM.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: cold-rolled sheet (ordinary steel), April 2015

Russian export prices are down by $10-15.

Ukraine: NZF ferromanganese output down in April 2015

In April Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (NZF) produced 0.9 thousand tons of ferromanganese, down by 83.3%, or by 4.5 thousand tons, MoM.

Ukraine: Dneprometiz ends 2014 with losses

In 2014 metal wares manufacturer Dneprometiz (Dniepropetrovsk) received 94.87 million UAH of losses.

Ukraine: hot-rolled steel rods export to Russia down in Q1 2015

In January-March hot-rolled steel rods exports from Ukraine to Russia fell 3 times, to mere 24 thousand tons YoY.

Ukraine: Yasinovskiy Coke to profit in 2015

Yasinkovskiy By-Product Coke Plant (Makeevka, Dontesk region) plans to end 2015 with a net profit of 84 thousand UAH.