Russia: Susumanzoloto net profit down in 2017

In 2017 Susumanzoloto received 1.8 billion rubles of net profit, down by 18% YoY. The company revenue grew by 31%, to 13.39 billion rubles. Gold sales revenue totaled 13.27 billion rubles, also up by 31%. Last year the company acquired three enterprises – Nedra LLC for 71.5 million rubles, Sever LLC for 705 million rubles…

Russia: Olkon finishes drying season

Olkon, a part of Severstal, has finished the drying season, which has lasted for half a year. The drying complex has been operating in a stable mode. In the 2017-2018 season the technological and qualitative indexes of the iron ore concentrate corresponded to the standards, including by moisture content. The average capacity of the drying…

CIS: pig iron output down in March 2018

In March Russia produced 4.3 million tons of pig iron, down by 5.5% YoY (3.885 million tons in February). In January-March pig iron output dropped by 3.4% YoY, to 12.485 million tons. Ukraine increased pig iron production by 7.6% YoY, to 1.678 million tons (1.632 million tons), with 5.247 million tons produced in 3 months,…

Russia: Amur region gold output down in Q1 2018

In January-March Amur region yielded 4.24 tons of gold, down by 9.3% YoY.

Petropavlovsk mines provided for the main part of the output – 1.4 tons at Pokrovsk, 1.12 tons at Albynsk, and 0.87 tons at Malomyr.

Gold mining in Amur region in 2017 grew by 15.6% YoY, to 25.77 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Nakhodka coal terminal operation stopped

The operation of the Port Eastern Gates – Primorye Works in Nakhodka was suspended following the checks on April 28.

It was found out that the company was handling coal without the permission to pollute air.

The checks followed the complaints of Nakhodka citizens on coal dust originating from coal handling. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: steel imports up on Q1 2018

In January-March Ukraine imported 291.3 thousand tons of steel, up by 24.4% YoY. Domestic market increased consumption by 13.1%, to 1.056 million tons. Import’s share grew from 25.07% to 27.6%. The shares of flat and long rolled metal in imports were almost equal – 48.5% and 47.9%, as opposed to 37.5% and 61.5% in Q1…

Russia: NLMK Board approves AGM agenda

The Board of Directors of NLMK Group held a meeting on April 27 during which the agenda for the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting (AGM), to be held on June 8, was approved. The list of persons entitled to participate at the AGM will be based on the NLMK Shareholder Register as of May 14. NLMK…

Kazakhstan: metal output up in Q1 2018

In January-March Kazakhstan produced 63.2 billion tenge worth of iron ore, up by 0.8% YoY. Kostanay region saw the largest output (87.1%, or 55.1 billion tenge, down by 2.9%). It was followed by Karaganda region (10.4%, 6.6 billion tenge, up by 26.4%) and Akmola region (1.6%, 1 billion tenge, up by 41.8%). Processing industry saw…