Ukraine: coal export-import in H1 2015

In January-June Ukraine imported $857.56 worth of coal and anthracite.

Ukraine: EEC to prolong pipe duties

The Eurasian Economic Committee is opening the second anti-dumping investigation as to some types of steel pipes from Ukraine. As the result import duties could be prolonged.

Ukraine: scrap export-import in H1 2015

In January-June Ukraine exported 739.18 thousand tons of ferrous metals scrap, up by 56.7% or 59.4% YoY, depending on the source. Thus the Customs service states 471.68 thousand tons of scrap exports in January-June 2014, while the State Statistics claim it was 463.59 thousand tons.

Ukraine: two employees injured in another Avdiivka shelling

At night from July 11 to 12 Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant, a part of the Metinvest Group, was massively shelled once again. Two employees were injured.

Ukraine: AMKR opens up a metal warehouse in Kharkiv

ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih has opened a metal warehouse in Kharkiv.

Ukraine: coal extraction down in June 2015

Ukraine’s coal extraction in June decreased by 44.3% YoY to 3.51 million tons, down from 6.3 million tons in June 2014, but up from 3.24 million tons produced in May, an energy and coal industry ministry official said.

Ukraine: UGOK output up in June 2015

In June Yuzhny Mining and Processing Works (UGOK) produced 988.3 thousand tons of concentrate, up by 5% YoY.

Ukraine: DSS output down in H1 2015

In January-June Dneprospetsstal (Zaporozhye) produced 79.52 thousand tons of rolled metal, down by 10.2% YoY.

Ukraine: steel semis export-import in H1 2015

In January-June Ukraine exported 3721.14 thousand tons of carbon steel semi-finished products worth $1341.28 million, down by 31.7% and 48.7% YoY respectively.

Ukraine: iron ore prices down since mid-June 2015

Spot prices for iron ore fines crossed $50 per ton in China (CFR) on July 7, having declined 24% since mid-June to $49.6, Concorde Capital informed clients in an online advisory.

Ukraine: August to witness 2.2 million tons of steel

Ukraine to produce 2.2 million tons of steel in August, Metallurgprom said.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: steelmaking pig iron, May 2015

Ukrainian export prices are up by $25-30, Russian – by $15-20.

Ukraine: Interpipe Steel output down in H1 2015

In January-June Interpipe Steel produced 290 thousand tons of steel, down by 38.4% YoY.

Ukraine: iron ore raw materials export-import in H1 2015

In January-June Ukrainian mining companies exported 23112.35 thousand tons of iron ore raw materials worth $1138.06 million, up by 17.9% and down by 40% YoY respectively.

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal, Ilyich and AMKR in top-5 VAT-reimbursement receivers in June 2015

Zaporizhstal, Odessa Port Works and Kernel-Trade received the largest VAT-reimbursements in June.

Ukraine: PM orders to start importing coal

Ukrainian Prime-Minister Arseni Yatsenyuk has ordered the Ministry for energy and coal industry to immediately start freighting ships for coal deliveries.

Ukraine: Metinvest opens up a trading center in Poland

Metinvest Group has opened a trade representative in Poland – Metinvest Polska.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: square billets (ordinary steel), May 2015

Ukrainian export prices are up by $5-10, Russian – by $20.

Ukraine: pig iron export-import in H1 2015

In January-June Ukraine exported 796.58 thousand tons of pig iron worth $217.95 million, down by 41.3% and 56.2% YoY respectively.

Ukraine: ZALK sued for $39 million

Judson Trading (Cyprus) asked Commercial court of the Zaporozhye region to recover $39.15 million from the only Ukrainian primary aluminum manufacturer Zaporozhye Aluminum Works (ZALK).