Ukraine: miners against coal price drop law

The decrease of the coal price to 1800 UAH per ton, as suggested by the draft law 8626, will result in mines shutting down and will simply destroy the coal industry. According to the Independent Miners’ Union chairman Mikhail Volynets, the connection of the Ukrainian coal price to the international indexes through the Rotterdam+ gave…

Ukraine: AMKR finally appoints CFO

Sergey Plichko has been appointed chief financial officer, chief accountant of ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih.

He has been the acting CFO and CA since February 17, 2017.

Plichko has been appointed since September 21 for an indefinite term. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: EZOTsM to increase exports to Armenia

In late August a delegation of the Yekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Works visited Armenia. There the company representatives met with top-managers of a jewelry works, a large manufacturer of basalt continuous fibers and cement, etc. “These companies are already our customers. We supply them with such products as laboratory wares, affined metals, machinery to produce…

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal modernizing teaching base for future metallurgists

Under the project to modernize the teaching program Zaporizhstal has equipped a special classroom for the crane operators.

The students now have a unique opportunity to study at the interactive Pascal bridge crane simulator.

Investments in the classroom creation totaled 400 thousand UAH. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: coal imports up in January-August 2018

In January-August Ukrainian heating power plants received 3.74 million tons of imported coal, up 1.7-fold YoY. According to the Ministry of energy and coal industry, in particular Russia supplied 2.91 million tons of coal (or 77.8%), USA – 685.3 thousand tons (18.3%) and the Republic of South Africa – 144.8 thousand tons (3.9%). Such a…

Russia: Izhstal repairs steelsmelting complex

Izhstal has completed the capital repairs of the steelsmelting complex. The complex consists of a powerful arc furnace (DSP-40), a continuous casting machine, a ladle-furnace and a degasser. The capacity of the complex is 300 thousand tons of billets per year. At present the company produces some 300 steel grades, including 37 stainless grades. The…

Russia: coal output in Buryatia up in January-August 2018

In January-August the Republic of Buryatia mined 3754 thousand tons of coal, up by 42.8% YoY.

Razrez Tugnuyskiy has contributed the most to the output increase.

At the same time, the regional ministry of natural resources does not disclose the enterprise output. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rusal gathering Chinese traders

Rusal is gathering a team of traders in China. According to sources, Rusal is creating a trade company consisting of a head of sales and traders, specializing in aluminum and alumina. The company will trade aluminum produced on local Chinese market. Rusal also hopes the company will analyze the ways to import metal to China…

Russia: deadline for deals with RUSAL extended

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has extended the deadline for investors to wind down business with Russia’s En+ Group and aluminum giant UC RUSAL until November 12 and from GAZ Group until October 23, the authority said. “En+ and RUSAL have approached the U.S. government about substantial corporate…