Ukraine: Selidovugol and Mirnogradugol buy 8 million UAH worth of mine sections

The state enterprises Selidovugol and Mirnogradugol have ordered the Donenergoexport LLC the delivery of mine sections at 4.2 million UAH and 3.87 million UAH respectively. In particular, Selidovugol ordered 105 tons of SVP-27 sections at 40 thousand UAH per ton, and Mirnogradugol – 100 tons at 38.76 UAH per ton. Had Selidovugol reached the Mirnogradugol…

Ukraine: Selidovugol buys belt conveyer parts

The state enterprise Selidovugol has concluded an agreement with Donenergoexport LLC for the delivery of spare parts for belt conveyers valued at 22.19 million UAH. The agreement provides for the payment of the goods ordered within 90 calendar days upon receipt. The spare parts are ordered for the 1/3 Novgorodovskaya, Kotlyarevskaya, Ukraina and Kurakhovskaya mines.…

Ukraine: miners block important road in Donbass

Selidovugol miners have blocked the road leading to Kurakhovo, Maryinka and Krasnogorovka in Donetsk region. According to Mikhail Volynets, the chairman of the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine, they demanded the payment of salary and clearing of debts. “The strike began near the administrative building of the state enterprise Selidovugol. Having received no reply, the…

Ukraine: miners preparing to strike

In the town of Ukrainsk (Donetsk region) miners from the Ukraina mine of the state enterprise Selidovugol have made a preliminary strike and are preparing for mass actions because of the non-payment of salary. “On January 15 the first shift of the miners didn’t come to the work, a part of the second and third…

Ukraine: 4 coal enterprises get loan guarantees

The Cabinet of Ministers has provided the state enterprises Pervomayskugol, Selidovugol, Toretskugol and the Mine named after Surgay with state guarantees on loans for investment projects. The state guarantee is given to cover the main sum, interest and commissions. The payment for the state guarantee is 0.001% of the volume unpaid. Pervomayskugol borrows 276.21 million…

Ukraine: Selidovugol buys 8 million UAH worth of fuel

The state enterprise Selidovugol has ordered Donenergoexport LLC the delivery of motor fuel valued at 8.45 million UAH.

The company has to supply fuel to the Novogrodovskaya, Kotlyarvskaya, Ukraina and Kukharevskaya mines within 5 days from the date of the order.

The agreement is valid through September 2018. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Selidovugol overpays for self-rescuers

The state enterprise Selidovugol has ordered Zakhystprom Trade LL the delivery of mining rescuing equipment valued at 58750 thousand UAH. In particular, this year the company has to deliver the products of Dezega SP (Turkey): 4792 self-rescuers at 9500 UAH apiece and 3961 regenerative charges at 3340 UAH apiece. In June Selidovugol ordered another company…

Ukraine: Selidovugol orders 25 million UAH worth of combines

The state enterprise Selidovugol has ordered the Trade-Union Form LLC the delivery of combines valued at 24.6 million UAH.

The company will supply 2 KSP-32 combines for the Kotlyarevskaya and Kukharevskaya mines.

The cost of each machine is 12.3 million UAH. (Ukrainian metal)