Ukraine: Selidovugol orders 140 million UAH worth of anchoring

The state enterprise Selidovugol has ordered Vostokmash LLC repair valued at 139.93 million UAH.

This year the company will have to repair 167 sections of mechanized anchoring 1Kd-90 at 838 thousand UAH apiece at the Mine Ukraine.

The price of the deal is 0.3% below the expected cost (140.3 million UAH). (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Selidovugol miners striking again

Kurakhovskaya mine employees have joined the striking miners from Kotlyarevskaya who have blocked the Dnepr – Donetsk road between Pokrovsk and Selidovo because of the salary debts. Both mines are parts of the state enterprise Selidovugol. According to the chairman of the Independent Miners’ Union of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets, the road was blocked leading to…

Ukraine: three state mines to commission new long faces

Until the end of the year the Kapitalnaya mine of the state enterprise Mirnogradugol, the Kurakhovskaya mine of the state enterprise Selidovugol and the Yuzhnodonbaskoye No. 1 Mine Group will put new long faces into operation. “The government has this year transferred 341 million UAH for the modernization of coal mines”, the vice-prime minister Vladimir…

Ukraine: Selidovugol miners paid 30 million UAH

On August 6 the miners of the state enterprise Selidovugol were partially paid their salary debts.

According to Mikhail Volynets, the chairman of the Independent Miners Union, 30 million UAH was used to pay April and 50% of May salary.

Still, there is a debt of June and July salary. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Selidovugol and Mirnogradugol buy 8 million UAH worth of mine sections

The state enterprises Selidovugol and Mirnogradugol have ordered the Donenergoexport LLC the delivery of mine sections at 4.2 million UAH and 3.87 million UAH respectively. In particular, Selidovugol ordered 105 tons of SVP-27 sections at 40 thousand UAH per ton, and Mirnogradugol – 100 tons at 38.76 UAH per ton. Had Selidovugol reached the Mirnogradugol…