Kyrgyzstan: government commission set up to check water pollution at Kum-Bel deposit

An interdepartmental working commission has been established to study the situation at Kum-Bel coal deposit, the Information Support Department of the Cabinet of Ministers reported. “Problems that have arisen at Kum-Bel coal deposit are being studied now. Samples were taken for water analysis. According to the materials of the interdepartmental working group, they will make…

Tajikistan: coal production volumes disclosed

More than 1.7 million tons of coal were produced in January-November in Tajikistan, according to the Tajik Ministry of Industry and New Technologies. Moreover, according to official statistics, as of early December, about 1.6 million of coal were mined in the republic. In Tajikistan, coal mining and production is carried out at 14 deposits. The…

Russia: Zabaikalye region to increase coal output

In January-November Zabaikalye region extracted some 20 million tons of coal.

Traditionally SUEK contributed most of the yield.

This year the region expects to mine 21 million tons of coal.

In particular, SUEK plans to extract 5.9 million tons of coal, up by 15% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Sayano-Partizansky pit reaches full capacity

In 2018 the Sayano-Partizansky pit, the only enterprise in Krasnoyarsk region extracting power-generating coal, has for the first time in its 15-year history reached full capacity of 1 million tons.

The anniversary ton was mined on December 21.

Coal output this year grew by 20% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Uzbekistan: coal output up in January-November 2018

In January-November Uzbekistan mined 3751.3 thousand tons of coal, up by 1.4% YoY.

In January-August coal supplies were down by 10% YoY, or by 280 thousand tons.

In 9 months the shortage was 1.4%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: state mines to get 1.6 billion UAH

The Cabinet of Ministers suggests providing state coal enterprises with 1.63 billion UAH in 2019 to be spent on their restructuring. The corresponding suggestion is contained in the draft budget for 2019. The restructure program also includes the support of state mines by a surcharge from the state budget to the price of coal. The…