Russia: gold output in Zabaikalsky region up in 2016

Gold mining companies of Russia’s Zabaikalsky region increased gold output by 7% YoY, to over 12 tons in 2016, an analyst at the geology and subsurface use department of the region’s Natural Resources Ministry Alexei Zakharov reported. Tungsten concentrate production rose by 10%, to 1,700 tons, lead and zinc production remained flat at over 43,000…

Russia: Nord Gold continues maximizing shareholder value

Nord Gold acknowledges recent speculation regarding a possible delisting of the company’s global depositary receipts from the Official List and the London Stock Exchange. The Board of Directors continues to consider options for maximizing shareholder value, including a potential delisting of the company’s global depositary receipts, although no decision has been taken and there is…

Russia: Petropavlovsk gold output down in 2016

In 2016 the four works of Petropavlovsk Plc in Amur region produced 416.3 thousand ounces of gold, down by 17.4% YoY. In particular, Pioneer works decreased output by 39%, to 141.9 thousands ounces. Pokrovsky mine yielded 37.8 thousand ounces of gold, down from 56 thousand ounces in 2015. Malomyr mine kept the gold output almost…

Kyrgyzstan: salary at Kumtor up

Kumtor company increased salaries of its workers by 10% from January 1, and it will be increased by another 5% from January 1, 2018, the chairman of the Mining and Metallurgical Union of Kyrgyzstan Eldar Tadzhibaev reported. According to him, the company’s management and personnel signed a collective agreement for the next two years during…

Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzaltyn gold works sees profits in 2016

The gold-processing works of Kyrgyzaltyn received 132.5 million soms of net profit in 2016, up by 84.1 million soms YoY.

In 2012-2015 the average profit of the works was around 80 million soms.

Output at the works increased last year by 25.4% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: gold output down in 2016

In 2016 Russia decreased gold ingot output by 7.8% YoY, with December 2016 being the 5th consecutive month when the gold output decreased. In December 2016 gold output dropped by 4.6% YoY, but increased by 6.2% MoM. The Gold Manufacturers Union or Russia expects that in 2016 the country will produce 297 tons of gold,…

Azerbaijan: gold output down in 2016

In 2016 Azerbaijan mined 1894.1 kg of gold, down by 15% YoY. According to the State Statistics Committee, in December 2016 the country mined 133.5 kg of gold, all the gold was sent for processing. In 2015 Azerbaijan mined 2229.3 kg of gold, up by 19.1% YoY. At present Azerbaijan mines gold and silver at…

Russia: UGK gold output up in 2016

In 2016 enterprises of the Yuzhuralzoloto Mining Company yielded 15 tons of gold, up by 9.5% YoY. Svetlinsky Mining and Processing Works mined 8 million tons of ore and plans to mine as much this year. Bereznyakovsky Mining and Processing Works is expected to mine 1 million tons of ore in 2017. In 2018 UGK…

Ukraine: Beregovskoye deposits left to KRK

The State geology and earth service had to cancel the suspension of the license to mine gold-polymetallic ores at Beregovskoye deposits, following the ruling of the court. In 2012 the Karpatskaya Rudnaya Companiya received the license to work at the deposits. In March 2014 the state department of the geological control checked the company and…

Russia: gold output up in January-October 2016

In January-October 2016 Russia produced 244.55 thousand tons of gold, up by 0.26% YoY.

Silver output dropped by 9.9% YoY, to 897.65 tons.

The first time when the Ministry of Finance provided precious metals output statistics was in 2014, when gold output reached 287.978 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Magadan gold output up in 2016

In 2016 Magadan region mined 27.9 tons of gold instead of 27.5 tons of the project target. “We have around 28 tons of gold, and this greatly increases our target indices. This will allow us to improve economic situation in the region and make our social support and sports construction programs more real”, the region…

Kyrgyzstan: 19.9 thousand tons of gold concentrate exported in 2 years

In 2015 Kyrgyzstan exported 9.9 thousand tons of gold concentrate, with 10.1 thousand tons exported in 2016.

Most of the concentrate this year was exported to China.

6 Kyrgyz companies are involved in ore exports: Kyrgyzaltyn, Altynken, Kaidy, Full Gold Mining, Kazakhmys Gold and Kurandy Development. (Ukrainian metal)