Russia: Dauria obtains 768 kg of gold

During the washing season of 2017 Dauria has obtained 768.2 kg of gold, up by 6.9% YoY.

Next year the company has to obtain 550 kg of gold.

Dauria is developing alluvial gold sites on the territory of Zabaykalye region. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Russkaya Platina output in January-November 2017

In January-November the Amur artel, one of the Far Eastern enterprises of Russkaya Platina, obtained 1274 kg of platinum.

Amur Zoloto yielded 977.6 kg of gold and 633.8 kg of silver.

Alluvial gold sites of Buor and Ulakhan obtained 457.4 kg of gold.

Total gold output in 11 months reached 1444.6 kg. (Ukrainian metal)

Kyrgyzstan: 3 gold deposits put up for sale

Three gold deposits were put up for auction, the State Committee of Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use reported. Kumbel gold deposit was discovered in 1936. Its reserves estimate has never been approved. The starting price is $9,120. The auction will be held on January 24, 2018. In addition, Issyk-Ata area with a starting price of…

Uzbekistan: 4 investors to prospect gold deposits

The State committee on geology and mineral resources has this year attracted 4 foreign investors to prospect 10 gold deposits. The agreements have been signed with B2Gold (Canada), NordGold (UK), TUMAD (Turkey) and Shindong Resources (South Korea). Gold reserves on these deposits are not revealed, but investments in prospecting could total $8 million. The agreements…

Russia: Yakutia to reach gold target

In January-October Yakutia obtained 21.5 tons of gold, including 11.8 tons of ore gold and 9.7 tons of alluvial gold. Alluvial gold target has been outperformed by 7%. Ore gold output is slightly lagging behind, but should increase. The target for this year is 24 tons of both ore and alluvial gold. In 2011 the…

Russia: Natalka gets first Dore gold

Natalka Mining and Processing Works, the main new project of Polyus, has received the first batch of Dore gold. The company is testing the new machinery. Polyus expects the project to reach full capacity by late 2018. Natalka gold-extracting factory with the capacity of 10 million tons of ore is the largest in Russia. It…