Russia: Petropavlovsk net profits up in H1 2017

In January-June Petropavlovsk received 1.4 billion rubles ($24.5 million) of net profits, up 2.7-fold. Revenue increased by 19.7%, to 17.38 billion rubles ($304 million). EBITDA grew by 30% YoY, to 6.52 billion rubles ($114 million), despite the strengthening of the ruble, which increases Russian gold miners’ expenses when converting to dollars. Gold output in H1…

Kyrgyzstan: Centerra and government sign agreement

“The agreements of Centerra and the government of Kyrgyzstan will have a good impact on the investment climate of the republic,” the head of the International Business Council Askar Sydykov said, commenting on the Cabinet’s statements on the agreement reached. “A detailed assessment of the agreements can be given when all of their details will…

Russia: Chukotka to mine 25-30 tons of gold

Chukotka has been decreasing gold output lately. The local authorities believe this is because of the thinning of gold deposits. In 2016 the region obtained 29.184 tons of gold, down by 9.17% YoY. “We are settling issues with new projects. We’re constructing electricity lines. We are prepared to work at the Kupol deposits, and at…

Russia: Reserv to lose Utinka gold

The Russian Environment Surveillance Service in Magadan region wants to annul the license to use subsoil resources given to Reserv LLC to operate at the Utinskoye deposits. According to the service the company has not started constructing infrastructure objects, nor has it prepared the mining object to be put into operation. The company director Victor…

Russia: Chukotka gold output to fall in 2017

Gold production in the Chukotka Autonomous District is to decrease by 3 tons in 2017 due to reserve depletion on some of the deposits, head of the region Roman Kopin reported on August 24. “The amount expected in 2017 is 26 tons,” Kopin said. Chukotka Mining and Geological Company and Severnoye Zoloto, units of Kinross…

Russia: Lenzoloto IFRS net loss up in H1 2017

The net loss of Russian gold producer Lenzoloto tripled to 1.072 billion rubles in January-June, as calculated under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the company said in a statement on August 24. The pre-tax loss also tripled to 1.091 billion rubles, income from sales fell by 17.5%, to 2.396 billion rubles, including income from gold…

Ukraine: gold and silver imports down in 2016

In 2016 Ukraine imported $13.07 million worth of gold, down almost 2-fold YoY.

According to the State Fiscal Service, the Netherlands supplied the most gold last year – $8.4 million, Switzerland – $3.8 million.

Silver imports dropped as well – by 7.1%, to $3.6 million. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: gold output up in January-July 2017

In January-July Russia increased raw and powder gold manufacture by 11.7% YoY.

According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, in July gold output increased by 12.1% YoY, but dropped by 0.1% MoM. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Kolyma gold-mining growing

In January-July Magadan region fulfilled the gold-mining plan by 51%, having obtained 15.9 tons of gold, up by 2.9 tons YoY. This year the region intends to get 30.9 tons of gold. The growth has been provided by the ore companies, which have mined 2.5 tons more than in 2016. The most gold has been…

Russia: Rosgeo starts exploration for gold and copper at new Khabarovsk field

Russian state geological exploration company Rosgeo has initiated exploration of gold and copper at a 121 square kilometer Yumtulsky prospective area in Russia’s easternmost Khabarovsk region through its subsidiary Dalgeophizika.

According to the company statement on August 16, it plans to finish the survey until the end of 2019. (Prime/Ukrainian metal)