Russia: Kuzbassrazrezugol coal output to grow

In 2018 Kuzbassrazrezugol intends to increase coal mining by 2.81% YoY, to 47.6 million tons. The company also plans to increase its exports share to 80%. Investments will remain on the level of 15 billion rubles. Last year Kuzbassrazrezugol increased coal output by 4.5% YoY, to 46.3 million tons, including 6.2 million tons of coking…

Kazakhstan: metal prices up in January 2018

The prices of enterprises manufacturing industrial products, as well as providing production services, increased by 1.4% in Kazakhstan in January 2018 compared to December 2017, the Statistics Committee of the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan said in a message. During the reporting period, prices for coal went up by 6%, and metal ore – by…

Ukraine: Avdiivka Coke gets new machinery

Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Works has received a new tar separator.

The machine removes resinous substances from the water that cools coking gas.

At the moment the company is laying the foundation for the machine and purchasing metal structures.

The commissioning of the tar separator is scheduled for summer. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: RM-Steel starts supplying bulb plates for Voyevoda project

RM-Steel LLC has won a tender to supply bulb plates for the construction of the Voyevoda Project 23700 ship.

The company started supplying the metal in January.

The vessel will be able to carry 4 boats and 2 helicopters. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Olkon mining reaches 2017 target

In 2017 the mining group of Olkon was able to meet its ore-mining target. “We were able to decrease the lag from the first half of the year on rock transportation from 600 thousand cubic meters to 200 thousand. Safety target was not reached. We will work on it this year”, the company director Alexander…

Ukraine: AMKR uses Single Window for employees

Almost 100,000 people have used the service center in 2.5 years since its creation. Social service provided by PJSC ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih is used by both current employees and the retired workers. The principle of a “single window” enables shortening formal procedures and makes certificates and documents flow automated. Annually, more than 20 thousand of…