Ukraine: scrap exports up in January-February 2017

In January-February Ukraine exported 17.78 thousand tons of ferrous scrap valued at $3.655 million, up by 77.9% and by 70.7% YoY respectively. Scrap imports increased by 63.2% YoY, to 6.755 thousand tons, valued at $4.878 thousand, up 4.1-fold. Turkey (79.87%), Moldova (16.6%) and Russia (3.5%) were the main suppliers of scrap, with Turkey (92.97%), the…

Russia: Meta Group scrap sales up in 2016

In 2016 Meta Group, a part of ChTPZ, sold 1.354 million tons of scrap, up by 4% YoY, with 760 thousand tons being the group procured scrap, and 594 thousand tons – transit scrap. Meta-Perm demonstrated the growth of 6.1 thousand tons, Vtorchermet – 10.6 thousand tons, Meta-Chelyabinsk – 17.1 thousand tons, and Meta-Yekaterinburg –…

Ukraine: Ukrzaliznytsia scrap auctions fail

On February 6, the South-Western Railroads, a subsidiary of Ukrzaliznytsia, held its first scrap auctions with the total value of 4.2 million UAH. The trade was announced on January 25. Only 2 companies participated: Nizhin Research and Mechanical Plant (NDMZ) and Trading House Budkom. The initial price of the auction was 5935 UAH per ton.…

Russia: scrap railroad deliveries down in January 2017

In January ferrous scrap deliveries via railroad to Russian metal and pipe works totaled 0.73 million tons, down by 30.8% MoM.

At the same time deliveries increased by 55.4% YoY, to the maximum for the last 7 years. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: scrap export-import in January 2017

In January Ukraine exported 10.106 thousand tons of ferrous scrap, up 6.6 times YoY, but down MoM, as in December 2016 it exported 20.485 thousand tons. According to the State Fiscal Service, the exports increased 6.2 times, to $2.097 million. Imports in January went up 4.3 times YoY, to 1.882 thousand tons. Turkey (92.3% and…

Ukraine: scrap deliveries from Chernobyl zone suppressed

Law enforcers together with the military have suppressed the delivery of 80 kg of scrap from the exclusion zone of the Kiev region.

In mid-January 3 Ukrainians were stopped some 100 meters from the exclusion zone while transporting around 80 kg of scrap.

The investigation revealed that they were stocking scrap to sell. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: scrap export-import in 2016

In 2016 Ukraine exported 272.569 thousand tons of scrap, down by 77.5% YoY. According to the customs statistics, published by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, exports also fell by 83.3% YoY, to $48.623 million. In particular, in July-September 2016 Ukraine did not export any scrap, with 6.855 thousand tons exported in October 2016, 11.862…

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: scrap (grade 3a), November 2016


Russian market, $/t, FCA, without VAT, $1/RUR64.9*









* – Ukrainian Hrivna and Russian Ruble exchange rates are as of 30.11.16 according to the National Bank of Ukraine and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. (Ukrainian Metal)

Ukraine: scrap exports facilitated

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has facilitated exports of scrap ferrous and nonferrous metals, revoking the registration of foreign economic contracts related to transactions with scrap metal. The amendments were made to some government resolutions in resolution No. 1035 dated December 28, 2016. The resolution also annuls some previous government resolutions. “The government has relaxed the…

Ukraine: ferrous scrap export-import in November 2016

In November Ukraine imported $1.052 million worth of ferrous scrap, with exports on the level of $2.283 million.

According to the State Fiscal Service, Ukraine exported most of its ferrous scrap to Turkey ($2.241 million).

In January-November Ukraine exported $42.6 million worth of ferrous scrap, while imports totaled $7.552 million. (Ukrainian metal)

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: scrap (grade 2a), November 2016


Ukrainian market, $/t, without VAT, EXW, $1/UAH25.499*









* – Ukrainian Hrivna and Russian Ruble exchange rates are as of 30.11.16 according to the National Bank of Ukraine and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. (Ukrainian Metal)

Ukraine: Interpipe to increase scrap imports

Interpipe intends to increase scrap imports in December 2016 – January 2017. “We continue increasing scrap imports from Moldova and Russia. We also think over other ways to decrease raw materials deficiency. In particular, we are analyzing HBI and even steel billet imports. We also hope that Ukrzaliznytsia starts selling its scrap, which we estimate…

Belarus: state order of scrap procurement set

The Belarus government has set order volumes for scrap and ferrous and non-ferrous waste deliveries for state needs in 2017. Next year the country plans to procure 1.29 million tons of ferrous scrap and waste, as well as 19.2 thousand tons of non-ferrous scrap and waste. In particular, the Industry Ministry is supposed to procure…