Ukraine: government approves of scrap export duty increase

The industrial policy and entrepreneurship commission of the Verkhovnaya Rada has supported the decree on the metal scrap export duty increase.

Ukraine: scrap quotas reach 143 thousand tons

The Ministry of economical development and trade has allowed exporting 143.8 thousand tons of metal scrap.

Ukraine: court stops metal scrap balance decree

The County Administrative Court of Kiev has stopped the decree of the Ministry of economical development and trade on metal scrap balance. The case was initiated by Metallurgprom.

Ukraine: economical development ministry to give quotas for scrap export

The Ministry of economical development and trade will be giving ferrous scrap export quotas.

Ukraine: ferrous scrap export contract registration simplified

The Cabinet of Ministers has simplified the registration of the ferrous metals scrap export contracts.

Ukraine: scrap export-import in January-February 2016

In January-February Ukraine exported 9.99 thousand tons of ferrous metals scrap, down by 92.7% YoY.

Ukraine: metal makers asking the President to review the scrap balance

Ukrainian Metallurgists Federation and Metal and Miner Union have addressed the President Petro Poroshenko asking him to prevent implementation of the new railroad transportation tariffs and review the balance of scrap procurement and local consumption for 2016.

Ukraine: scrap procurement breaks another anti-record in February 2016

In February scrap procurement totaled 181 thousand tons, with local market shortage at 53 thousand tons, or 23% of the needs (234 thousand tons).

Ukraine: the new scrap balance violates the law

The Ministry of economical development and trade has approved of the 2016 ferrous scrap balance with legislation violations, Metallurgprom and Federation of Ukrainian Metallurgists believe.

Ukraine: Metallurgprom asking government to limit scrap exports

Metallurgprom has asked the Prime-Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk and the Ministry of economical development and trade to help in limiting ferrous scrap exports as the local market suffers from its shortage.

Ukraine: government still ignoring metallurgist problems

The ministry of economical development and trade wants to keep high scrap export levels despite the catastrophic shortages on the local market.

Ukraine: Economy Ministry to make a list of scrap equipment

The Ministry of economical development and trade plans to create a list of equipment needed to conduct operations with metal scrap.

Ukraine: UAH devaluation to affect scrap procurement

The state enterprise Ukrpromvneshexpertisa believes the UAH devaluation will have a negative effect on the local ferrous metals procurement.

Ukraine: scrap stopped at occupied territory border

The State Security Service has stopped a railroad car with scrap metal heading to the occupied territory via Konstaninovka station.

Ukraine: Ukrzaliznytsia to export scrap

Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian railways) plans to export scrap metal and asks the Ministry of infrastructure to help.

Ukraine: scrap balance still undecided

The Ministry of economic development and trade wasn’t able to come to terms with metal companies as to scrap procurement and export in 2016.

Ukraine: metal makers asking to increase scrap export duty

Metallurgprom and Federation of Metallurgists of Ukraine have addressed the deputies to support the decrees on increasing ferrous scrap export duty from 10 euro per ton to 35 euro for 3 years and cancel the 5% import duty.

Ukraine: metal makers in desperate need of scrap

In January scrap deficiency for local consumption totaled 105 thousand tons, or 40% of the volume needed (267 thousand tons).

Ukraine: law-enforcers meet scrap procurers and sellers

In Severodonetsk law-enforcers met with entrepreneurs who procure and sell ferrous and non-ferrous metals scrap.

Ukraine: rolled scrap exports down in 2015

In 2015 Ukraine exported 17.1 million tons of scrap metal, down by 15%, or by 3.1 million tons YoY.

Ukraine: scrap procurement to break another anti-record in 2016

In 2015 ferrous scrap procurement in Ukraine fell to 4.3 million tons, down by 1 million tons, or by 19% YoY.

Ukraine: Verkhovnaya Rada to decrease scrap deficiency

Verkhovnaya Rada will review the decree of changes into some Ukrainian laws as to the decrease of ferrous scrap deficiency on the local market in order to meet defense industry demands and restore infrastructure.